A digital door lock (ประตู digital door lock which is the term in Thai) is a lock that helps in locking and unlocking the door electronically. These locks help in controlling the movement of the door, along with many other features. These kinds of doors are used in buildings that want to provide a reliable security source without installing high-end, cutting-edge security.

Standard keys and locks use variations of the pin and tumbler method.

But in electronic doors, the motor is controlled by the electronic impulse, which can be triggered through some forms such as a keypad, wireless remote control, apps, etc. A digital door lock can be used instead of keys and cards.

Pros And Cons

All methods of locking have their pros and cons. Physical methods like metal keys, cards, hand-operated remotes can be damaged easily or lost. While on the other hand, in electronic locks, the key codes are forgotten. There is also a risk that the principles can be memorized or get in the wrong person’s hands. Simultaneously, passwords and regulations can be easily changed by the user, whereas changing keys and locks can be a long, challenging, and expensive process. Changing locks might also require a professional with specialized expertise and even some kind of special hardware.

On the other hand, situations such as power failure are incredibly problematic for users with electronic doors. It may lead to locking or unlocking entries for an extended period until the power is restored.

Due to these reasons, in many doors, one may find physical and electronic locking on the same door. This feature provides assistance to the user for keeping a backup option in case of any scenario. Thus, a digital door lock will enhance your home and office’s security level and prevent important articles from possible theft.