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For all the game lovers, it is a tricky situation to choose between PC gaming and a gaming console that is emerging in this era of the internet. Both the podiums are thriving year by year with some new updates and garner a large count of followers that preferred to be a part and parcel of the gaming industry. 

While most people will prefer to go with the purchasing of a complete gaming console and a few choose to go a long way by building the gaming PCs or going for PCs that are pre-built in gaming.  Here, we are going to get into the PC gaming full set Malaysia and look at the advantages that they proffer as compared to other gaming podiums available.

It is affordable 

The highlighted part of these pc games is that these are too affordable in comparison with that console games. The reason behind this is that the resources needed to compile such games on PC are available free of cost by the OS developers. To compatible a game with that of X-box or PS, the developers have to use some steep commercial platforms and make it a bit pricy. 


The gamers have full control over the games when it comes to playing PC games rather than consoles. The mods are good examples of this control that are used to enhance the game. A mod is a character that is not present in the game originally when it is built. By editing the game files, make the game play easy, and add a new character into a game as the player want. For example, get your favorite cartoon into the game to make it more exciting. 

Upgraded hardware 

Another benefit of PC gaming is to update the hardware of the system on demand. For example, you can go for a new graphics card if you want to play some heavier and latest games. Not similar to that of consoles, where the players need to buy the updated consoles to play some new version of the game. 

Hardware is reasonable 

Spare parts of the pc are more economical than that of the console’s parts. Usually, branded components for the console are sold at a bit steep price in comparison with that of the pc gaming full set.

Game controllers

When it comes to playing some PC games, then the gaming controller choice is much better than that of others that are too easy. Just get it now, install all the necessary drivers, and begin using it. For gaming consoles, one needs to use the provided controllers as available in the game. 

Gaming Simulation 

Simulation of the gaming console is the amazing feature that PC gaming is good at if you are aware of where to look for the same. Get the apps like Xbox or PS station in your system and go for it. 

These are the positive aspects of PC gaming and you should enjoy playing these games that are affordable and simple to use and modify as well.