Bluetooth is a well-known technology for transferring data without cable. If your computer has an integrated Bluetooth card, it easily detects nearby connected devices.

On the other hand, with a PC without Bluetooth connectivity, you need a special device. This is embodied as a small adapter to connect to the USB port, called Bluetooth dongle.

It will allow you to receive or transfer audio files, images, videos or apps to one or more other devices: mobile phone, headphones, speakers…

To trigger the pairing and transfer, it is necessary that the Bluetooth receiver is turned on and that it is located within 10 m of your machine … Find out everything you need to know about this small technological tool.

A Bluetooth dongle, what is it exactly?

A Bluetooth dongle is a mini adapter that allows you to have a Bluetooth connection on your computer. It looks like a USB key to insert in the corresponding port to benefit from its functionality.

Since this gadget provides the connection between the PC and the nearby electronic devices, the transfer can be done from the computer to another Bluetooth device or vice versa, to select the best dongle according to use check the saim deals.

The transmission range and Bluetooth key capacity vary from model to model, depending on its version:

  • Version 3.0: less than 10 m range, 25 Mbps maximum transfer speed;
  • Version 4.0: up to 60 m range, 25 Mbps maximum transfer speed;
  • Version 5.0: up to 240 m range, 50 Mbps maximum transfer speed.

Most current models fulfill their role as transmitters according to the IEEE 802.15.1 standard. This is a wireless personal area network standard limiting transmission within a radius of less than 100 m and transfer rate to 54 Mbps.

Note that most PCs and laptops fit the Bluetooth Dongle. By cons, some Mac requires a specific setting.

In addition, the Linux operating system, TV, car radio, and game consoles are not compatible with this adapter.    

How to install and configure the Bluetooth dongle on your PC?

Like any external device, it is necessary to install the driver of a Bluetooth adapter on the machine for it to work. This operation is required to manage his options and you will have to do it once, before the first use of the key.

To install your Bluetooth key, just follow these steps:

  1. Start by closing windows and open software for easy installation;
  2. Insert the installation CD that came with the hardware;
  3. Double-click the “Setup.exe” file if the installation does not start automatically;
  4. Follow the instructions;
  5. When the message “Bluetooth device not found” or “Bluetooth Device Not Found” appears, you need to insert your Bluetooth key into a USB port on your machine;
  6. Follow the instructions;
  7. Restart your computer when the installation finishes in case it does not restart itself.

If the installation driver is not supplied on a CD, the computer will detect it and install it automatically from a support site or when connecting the Dongle to the USB port. Then you just have to follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Once your Bluetooth adapter is installed, you must configure it as follows:

  1. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon that should be visible at the bottom of the screen and select the option “Use Bluetooth” or “Start Using Bluetooth”;
  2. Enter the “Bluetooth Service Selection” or “Bluetooth Service Selection” window to select the services that will be useful to you;
  3. Check one by one the services according to your convenience. We suggest that you always check the box corresponding to the “Headset” or “Headset” so as not to miss the audio service of your Bluetooth key;
  4. Skip the step of adding another Bluetooth device by clicking “Skip” or “Skip” and complete the setup.