All unnecessary programs that you have not used for a long period or installed by accident must be deleted. They can always cause updates, communication with the system, changing the configurations of other programs and more.

Go to the Control Panel:

Programs and components:

We do sorting by date. And starting from the date of installation of Windows (it will be the latest), all other programs need to be revised. If we don’t use it, or don’t know what kind of program it is (this can happen when many components are put “like a trailer” to the others), delete. With the csgo faceit boosting this becomes an important factor.

Installing and configuring video card drivers (how to increase video card performance)

If you have a new video card, then download drivers for it only from official sources. Now we will explain how to configure the video card of two popular GPU manufacturers – Nvidia and AMD. Always check for driver updates. Developers do a lot of work for more productive work.

Configuring nvidia graphics card

Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel (right-click on the desktop):

In the menu item “3D Parameter Management” go to the tab “Software Settings”. Here we can edit the settings for a specific program – the game. Select our (CS: GO) from the list and change the attributes:

Full list of changes:

If you do not have a game in the list, then click the “Add” button. Next in the list, select cc go.

Video on setting up an NVIDIA graphics card:

AMD graphics card setup

In the Games then CS: GO then Graphic Profile section, similar values ​​for the attributes (as on the screen):


Next, go to the SYSTEM then Switchable Graphics Adapters then Running Applications section:

  • We give cs go maximum performance:
  • Video on setting up an AMD video card:


Configuring a multi-core processor with cs go

In the modern world, all processors have several cores for data processing. This is designed for parallel operation of most data streams.

It is important to understand that the game engine csgo 2005 release. It was quite well adapted to the modern world, but nevertheless, a kernel called Source was redone the last time in 2013. Therefore, the game, in principle, can run on a single processor core. For a more productive game, it is necessary to force the use of all processor cores.

The inclusion of all processor cores in Windows is not necessary, since in the game itself for a long time, developers have added a mode in the video settings, which allows you to activate multi-core. But nevertheless for old-timers we will show how to turn this mode on by hand in the Windows setup.