A case, a docking station and a mobile rack are devices that are needed to store, carry and connect a hard drive. Before choosing the right device, you need to understand in which case they are used.

What is the case and docking station for?

The case is needed if you need to periodically connect one or more hard drives to the computer via USB. The case is designed to turn the internal hard drive into an external one and, as a rule, does not imply hot swapping. The hard disk can be stored in the case, as well as “transported” in it. Some chassis models include a fan and power supply. You can now choose the Best Hard Drive Duplicator Docking Station  there.

You can also install several hard drives and one in the docking station. Docking stations are often used for “hot swapping”, you can change the HDD without turning off the computer.

On sale there are cases and docking stations not only for the HDD, but also for the SSD, as well as devices for the HDD and SSD. You can go for the easy hard drive cloning dock there.

When may a mobile rack be required

A mobile rack, or sled, usually consists of two parts. The inside is “mobile”, the outside is stationary, it is usually inserted into the computer compartment. In the internal part there is a hard drive. The “mobile” unit together with the disk can be changed if necessary, without turning off the computer.

Nowadays, these devices are used infrequently, because modern storage media have appeared. However, a mobile rack is still needed, for example, when working with confidential information: at the end of the working day, the “mobile” can often be pulled out and put into a safe. You can go for the Best Monochrome Laser Printers  there.

There is also a slide for laptops. They serve to install an additional 2.5 ″ drive instead of a DVD drive, which is outdated, and help to increase the amount of memory in a laptop. Such devices have a monolithic design, which does not imply hot swapping.

Let’s try to understand laser printing technologies, their advantages, disadvantages, what parameters laser printers have and what to look for when choosing.


All laser printers work on the same principle, the drum receives the charge from the magnetic drum, then the laser changes the charge in those parts of the drum where the image should appear. Toner is attracted to these areas.

Then the drum unit rolls on paper, transferring the image onto a sheet. To fix it, it is additionally heated by a stove that melts the toner. Waste toner is sent to the storage compartment, a hopper in which waste powder is stored. From there, from another section of the hopper, pure toner comes out, which is constantly mixed, this protects the powder from drying out. Now picking a good monochrome laser printer is easy with it.

Laser printer device

Manufacturers also use different toners. About 60–70% use magnetic powder, which passes through the magnetic shaft and sent to the drum? To refuel others, a two-component toner was invented, magnetic powder with coloring particles adhering to it. It turns out a universal cartridge that can be used for black and white or color printing, depending on the tasks.