Sitting through a boring presentation is such a different task not only for the audience but also boring for the person who is delivering it. Using boring and typical PowerPoint slides do not work in engaging your audience and hold onto your presentation as well. To make your presentation more interesting and compelling use presentation templates from Template Monster. In this post, we will discuss how to make a powerful presentation to grab the attention of your audience. As you know, some templates are free while others need to be purchased which may require small fee to submit on monthly basis. Signing up to Template Monster is always free. Sign up to customize your desired templates and then export them directly to Power Point.

Tips to create power point presentation:

v Fonts

In terms of fonts, you should take care of few things while creating a presentation. Prefer fonts such as Arial or Helvetica and try to avoid Times New Roman or Palatino because these fonts are very hard to read on a slide. Manage your font size up to 24 point, font size smaller than 24 would be difficult to see clearly on the slides. Always use the same size of fonts for every heading. You can use different font styles for captions o for sub heading but try to select only 4 different font styles for one publication. Each slide should be labeled with different font styles and use larger font up to 35-40 points for the title. Do not use italicized fonts as they can’t be read easily on the slides. Do not write long sentences and avoid abbreviations. Do not use too many punctuation marks on your slides as they do not give good impression to the reader. Try to limit the words up to 6-8 words on each line.

v Design and Graphical Images

For a powerful and more impactful presentation always use design templates. Always add necessary information on your slides and limit it to essential one. Use colors that will be more attractive for the reader. Do not create too many slides as it may lose your audience. Your background should be consistent and precise. Avoid too many transitions and use same style of bullets throughout the page. Do not use too many small images instead use one or two large images for your entire presentation. All the images should be Prioritized to capture more attention of your audience. Try to use same border on every slide of presentation and arrange the images both vertically and horizontally. Always label the image while using enough text for charts and graphical images. Then leave spaces between the images and also around the text. It is good to use same style of graphical image throughout your presentation. Do not use too many graphical images on a single slide. Before going for presentation check your presentation on the projector screen to ensure the good quality and size of graphical images.

v Color

Try to limit the number of colors on a single slide, using too many colors will not give a professional look to your audience. While selecting colors always prefer bright ones because fine lines and small objects stand out more clearly on brighter colors. But this may not work with every bright color as some vibrant colors do not work well when displayed on a projector. You can use only 4 colors on a chart as the data present on these charts may be perceived well if presented with different colors. An important point that you should keep in mind while presenting is that never turn your back to your audience for reading your slides. Always set your screen in a way that you can speak from it.


If you traditionally prepare your presentation on power point without using templates it may not work well. So, you should use customized templates to make your presentation more professional. Template monster can help you with providing customized templates that can change the entire scenario of your presentation. They are offering a wide range of power point templates of different areas including: beauty power point templates, business services power point templates, fashion power point templates and many more.