According to a recent survey, the percentage of video content, users watch on a daily basis, has been increased from 48%-53%. That means, per day, adults spend nearly 6 hours watching videos. It is much important to gain viewers’ attention by introducing new ways to produce and promote it. YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp and all the other social media platforms have paved the way for audiences to view videos anytime and anywhere. For keeping up with the hustle in the media industry and to gather maximum audience to your video, it is important to be consistent and ensure continuous consumption of your content. But how would one do so? Is it possible in an environment of rigorous competition?

Well, there is nothing to worry about. There are many different ways to upgrade your marketing strategy and boost your existing consumer engagement. All you need is to make a killer intro and outro(end screen) to your video. This is why we have laid down a start-to-end guide for an Outro where we also explain how to use an Outro Maker.

Definition of an Outro Video

Outro video is nothing but content that marks at the end of a video. What content to put in your outro video depends on your goal. It can either guide the viewer to your next video or include some CTA as a sign-off slogan.

Let’s know how to create a fabulous Outro video using an Outro Maker.

Steps to creating an Outro Video using an Outro Maker

Step 1- Choose YouTube Outro template size

In any outro maker you log into, choose “Pre-made templates” and look for templates you like.

Step 2- Edit the cards

After you select your likeable template, change the media position as per your preference in the video template which has different sizes for cards. You can add special effects or stickers.

Step 3- Add voiceover

You can also use Voice Overs to add CTA to your outros.

Step 4- Preview and Export

After you finish editing, preview your video and export it.

That’s it. This is how easy you can make an Outro video.

YouTube Video Editor also proves a great support in case you look forward to making videos for YouTube.

Needs for creating an Outro Video

Your job is not done just by creating a video and posting it on relevant platforms. The main job is after the production. Promotion carries a lot of value. The way you promote your video brings it to limelight how much effort you have put in to make the video. Viewers can easily drive back their attention from your video to another one. This is not recommended and might put your brand’s value at stake. The users might just watch the next video in the playlist or search for another video in the search bar or maybe just exit YouTube altogether. You need to look after these options and make a powerful Outro to guide your audience on what to watch next. In this way, you can get what you want your audience to do.

YouTube End Screen Options

There are 4 YouTube end screen options:

  • Subscribe Button- It is a clickable button that allows people to subscribe through your end screen. It can be used when you want subscribers.
  • Video or playlist- It is a clickable card that links to a specific video or a playlist. Drive your viewers to your next video or playlist you have created.
  • Channel- This is also a clickable card that links to another channel. You can use this either to promote your second channel or cross-promote another YouTuber.
  • External Site- This is a link to something that is outside YouTube. This can be made to use when you want to drive traffic on your blog or want to take the audience to your e-shop.

How to possibly create a YouTube End Screen in YouTube Creator Studio?

Upload your video on the YouTube Creator Studio dashboard.

Then, fill up all the necessary details and once you are done setting up the details, move to “Video Elements.” You can then add your end screen and cards.

Click “Add” adjacent to the “Add an end screen” option. Then, click on “Add Element.”

You will then get those four element options i.e.

-Video or Playlist



-Link to an approved website

Once you have added your elements, click on the “Save” button on the top right corner.

Click on preview to make sure the timings match. Adjust timings from the timeline panel if needed.

This is all you have to do to set up a successful YouTube End Screen.

However, there are a few practices you need to keep in mind while you make your Outro video.

  • Set a goal in mind- Having a defined goal is necessary so that the viewers don’t get confused. Do you want more followers or do you want them to watch your next video? A few options YouTube Endscreen provides are:

-To promote a second channel


-Ask for crowdfunding

-Take the audience outside YouTube

2) Give people time to click- Out of the 20 seconds time limit, give the viewers at least 6-10 seconds of distraction-free time to click on the card.

3) Stay Consistent- Your motto of creating the outro only should be to keep your users hooked to your channel. This will enable the users to connect with your channel. Do run an A/B test to see what works, but stay consistent.

4) Relevant Music- Music is very important as it helps in enhancing the overall viewing experience. Choose your music accordingly and also add some animation with the beats if required.

5) Have a verbal CTA- This implies that you have more space for playing other cards. For instance, you can say it over voiceover and save space for another video, instead of a subscribe button.


This was our bit of guidance about how to make an outro video and what benefits it can provide. Do let us know how it helped you and what results in the end!