There are some easy steps available, which will show you how you are going to promote a post on FB. There are some stages available for the same and you are cordially invited to choose the one that you care to work out the most. You can always get the chance to create Messenger ad campaign in the current FB ad manager. After that, for the next step, it is mandatory for you to create an ad set. For that, you have to divide the stages under audience, placement, budget and even scheduling. Later, you have to focus on the next stages about which you will learn from reliable online stages.

Next steps for you to garner:

Once you are through with the basic two steps, you have another one, which is called ways to create the Messenger ad creative with the help of Mobile Monkey in here. To know more about the stages over here, you can click at and get right help resolved in here for sure. You can try adding Quick Questions in the list, which will help in saving the custom attributes to the said contacts. You are even asked here to create that customized audience segment, designed from this said attribute in here.

Other stages to focus at:

When these above mentioned stages are covered well, it is time to deal with the next spots. For that, you need to finish the ad setup. Later, you have to copy and paste the code that has been created from Mobile Monkey to the Ad Manager. For the last stage, you just have to review the results. You will receive the contact information from the people who got engaged with the advertisement. You can contact anyone who might have clicked for inviting them to just subscribe and then engage further with the FB messenger based marketing automations.