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An air hose and a gas hose are different. A gas hose is never to be exposed to high temperatures and has a high risk of explosion. This is where fittings come in. Gas hose fittings make sure that the gases, like acetylene or oxygen, stay inside the piping. The risk of explosion is very high if the hoses are not sealed. A fitting is used at junctions or terminals of any gas hose system. Gas hose fittings make sure that the hosing system stays reliable and safe for prolonged use. The Hosemaster is not just a master of hoses. They also provide a wide spectrum of products for the gas hose fitting. Let’s take a look at the most important factors in gas fitting.

Why do we need fittings?

Acetylene and oxygen gases are never to be used at high temperatures. Welding is one of the examples of the main application of gas hoses. You don’t want your propane or acetylene to leak through the gaps in your hosing. Gas hose fittings make sure that this leak doesn’t happen. Fittings fit the hoses in the right way. A variety of hose fittings are available for different applications. The Hosemaster is a nice place to look at if you want to get to know about your options.

Things to Remember While Choosing Fittings for your hosing

Check out the Available Options

If you are doubtful about choosing one, feel free to contact the Hosemaster. An expert opinion might be the only thing you need. Browse through the product catalogs. See if you want an Oxy/Acetylene Hex Nipples or Double Safety Check Valve. If you are confused about which is which, or what each one does, contact (+44) 01282 604002.  

Meeting the Standard

Make sure that any product you choose meets the industry standards. ISO 17484-2:2009 is one such standard required by ISO for indoor gas installations. You can always contact the manufacturers for any doubt regarding the safety of the products. The Hosemaster products always meet their quality benchmark and always satisfy the customers. You can always rely on them when you need professionals.  

Always ensure that you buy quality fittings for your gas hosing. Finding a trusty brand with nice customer support is crucial as well. You have to install the hosing and maintain it as well.