Movies and series have become a significant part of our lives in current times. People tend to binge-watch an entire web-series with 10-12 episodes in a single night. It is a very fantastic way to have a great and exciting time, alone as well as with friends or family. A considerable number of rises in the making of shows have been noted for the past half-year due to the tensed time going on. However, movie freaks were the same before as well. There are different categories, or we refer to as genres, available on various internet websites. Some shows and movies are provided free to the users, and others require a subscription. It is upto the viewer to take a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription according to his budget and free time to watch them.

The most loved genres of all the times are:

  1. Sci-fi: People of every age prefer this genre because it offers extreme knowledge and mind-blowing graphics. The most outstanding movie based on this genre is all-time favorite are Inception, Interstellar, and Star Wars. This genre of films and series help in gaining the incredible knowledge of the Universe and its vast aspects.
  2. Action: Hollywood movies are referred to as the powerhouse of energy and activity. These movies come in top-grossing films across the globe. Some of the trilogies have made outstanding performances and are still binge-watched by movies freaks again and again.
  3. Romance: It is not cliché to say that the romance genre is the king of movies. Although how movies depict the chemistry between couples higher the expectations of love during these modern times. It makes people love the idea of love, and they prefer watching these categories of movies regularly.
  4. Horror: Hollywood movies like the Conjuring series have changed the way people think about the horror genre. It was a turn in the cinema in terms of the highest-grossing movies, as mentioned in . Horror movies help in decreasing the stress hormone produced by the human brain. It diverts the mind of the viewer to a great extent. Some horror movies are not for the faint-hearted people as they might get panic or anxiety after watching these.
  5. Comedy: Web-series have come a long way in the comedy genre. Movies were made as light-hearted comedy and not the amusing types. Watching comedy movies in stressful situations or when sad reduces the negative thoughts by uplifting the viewer’s mood. Also, comedy movies when made by mixing with a bit of emotional, romantic storyline, it becomes Rom-com, i.e., romantic comedy. The viewer gets two benefits in one frame.
  6. Psychological thriller: When incidents revolving around some intense scenes that make a high impact on the brain and sometimes logic or any sense of brain disorder is added for making this excited. Such as diseases and past trauma that still haunts the protagonist and all that stuff.

These were some of the most popular movie genres of all time, as rated by the viewers.