Technology blogs are great resources if you would like the newest tech news. Plus, they often feature interviews with industry leaders, updates from industry events, and other unique insights to assist you to stay awake so far on all things tech.

There is no shortage of techreviews blogs available, and a few of the highest tech blogs to follow include:

1. Engadget

When it involves tech news and reviews, Engadget may be a must-visit. Engadget covers technology, gaming, and entertainment, and therefore the blog is consistently updated throughout the day. Additionally, Engadget offers comprehensive insights into tech topics that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

2. The Verge

The Verge is a superb blog for those that want to find out about mainstream tech and its potential impact on the planet. This blog covers a good range of consumer tech topics, alongside cyber security, AI (AI), and other technologies that are transforming the way we connect.

3. TechCrunch

TechCrunch may be a top source for tech and startup news. This blog makes it easy to remain informed about rising tech companies that have secured financing or launched new products or services and should soon change the planet.

4. GeekWire

GeekWire may be a news blog that focuses on myriad topics — from tech heavyweights like Microsoft and Amazon to geek culture. along with side news stories, GeekWire offers podcasts that you simply can download for free of charge and explore the newest tech news.

5. Computerworld

Computerworld focuses on the key areas of IT, including desktop, mobile, and web applications. It also provides tips and guidance to assist IT managers enhance client systems and have interacted with their employees via collaboration platforms.

6. InformationWeek

InformationWeek examines the worth of tech within the digital age. The blog is meant to interact with the tech community and encourages community members to figure together to gauge new tech ideas and solve tech problems.

7. AppleInsider

AppleInsider may be a key resource for the newest Mac news and rumors. The blog keeps you up so far on Apple releases, alongside updates about the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. It also provides extensive guides to assist you to weigh the pros and cons of various Apple products and choose the proper ones.

8. Android Central

Whereas AppleInsider is all about Apple products, Android Central focuses on Android devices. Android Central keeps you within the loop about new Android gadgets and gizmos, so you’ll decide which Android products are right for you.

9. BGR

BGR offers tech news and commentary. The blog may be a leading source of breaking mobile tech news, and it’s intended for tech novices and experts alike.

10. Digital Trends

Digital Trends provides in-depth tech news and merchandise reviews. The blog also features sneak peeks of upcoming tech releases and editorials that provide a definite check out various tech trends.