Picross, also known as griddler, hanjie, or nonogram, are all different names for one puzzle. Picross is often created as a black and white picture logic puzzle, resulting in a binary image. But, it is also designed in color to offer a better visual appeal and more challenging tasks. If you like Sudoku, you will also like picross puzzles. 


It is a game that puts your reasoning abilities to test. So, make sure you are not solving the picross puzzles based on some random assumptions. It may save you once or twice, but you cannot solve the entire puzzle on guesswork. So, stay calm – if you are stuck, there certainly is a cell that you are missing out on. Use your logical aptitude to figure out where the crosses go and which boxes to paint.

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Test your Skills!


Picross puzzles might not be as famous as Sudoku, but these are no less. Mario’s Picross is a classic example of how loved these nonogram logic puzzles are. If you want to try your hand on these, here is an amazing mobile app for you – Nonogram.com by Easybrain. 


What’s best about this game is you will never get bored – each puzzle gives you a different teaser every time. And, unlike other games, ones like these do not have an end – every puzzle offers diversity. Moreover, you can even call your friends along to help you solve the puzzle. Or, you can flaunt your skills in front of them if you are a pro! It is such a brainy game and so much better than having those useless ones where you learn absolutely nothing.


This picross puzzle has a grid with several cells inside. Outside the box are some numbers listed on the top as well as towards the left. These digits indicate how many boxes you should paint in every row or column to get the resulting image. The app contains several daily challenges along with seasonal ones like the Fool’s Day event that is going on right now. Upon the completion of your puzzle, you get unique rewards and trophies. The awards and the final pixel art make your time and effort worth it all.  

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Picross puzzles are classic games, but the one by Easybrain is a little extra. It’s a modern rendition offering breathtaking picture results. So, if you love to solve picture puzzles, give the nonogram.com by Easybrain a try. You can play the game online on your PC or laptop or download the application on your Android or iOS smartphone. With each level that you go up, the game gets exciting, challenging, and rewarding – you’ll just not be disappointed!