A Motorola handheld radio is an effective means of communication, especially for people within proximity and do not have access to a phone signal. Two-way radios are best used when coordinating and communicating in construction sites and those who work in the field of security.

Sadly, since the majority of people today rely on mobile phones for communication, radio etiquette isn’t as common as it used to be. These are the most important rules to follow when using a two-way radio:

1: Think Before Talking

Don’t press the talk button until you are ready to talk. When the talk button is in use, no one else can talk or be heard which can interfere with other users who are trying to communicate.

2: Press The Button Only When Necessary

If there’s no need to press the button, don’t. Keep the line open in case of an emergency. Plus, pressing on the talk button will quickly drain the battery and leave you without a means to communicate with others.

3: Identify Yourself

Several groups might be using the same radio channel. It is polite and proper to identify yourself when you speak.

4: Identify The Recipient

After identifying yourself, name the person you want to speak to for clarity and efficiency. By clearly stating who you want to talk to, your call will not interfere with others while they work.

5: Use Call Signs

Yes, call signs should be assigned to everyone using the Motorola handheld radio. This minimizes misunderstanding and miscommunication, especially if more than one person on the team share the same name.

6: Don’t Forget To Say “Over”

Over is a radio lingo used for decades to indicate that the speaker is done talking. This allows the receiver to answer back without worrying that the other party is still speaking.

7: Practice Patience

Don’t expect a reply right away. It may take some time for the recipient to answer back, give them a few minutes before repeating the message.

8: Never Interrupt A Speaker

Always wait until the speaker says “over” or give the line a few minutes to be clear before using the radio channel. Remember, pressing on the talk button means no one else can be heard speaking. So, wait for your turn.

9: Wait For Your Call Sign

Never answer a call unless your call sign was mentioned. This is the best way to ensure you are speaking to someone in your team and not someone else who might be looking for another recipient.

10: Keep Messages Short, Simple, And Understandable

Do not give overly complicated instructions or speak in long sentences. The point of a two-way radio is for fast, easy, and efficient communication. Long and complicated messages defeat this purpose.

11: Keep It Professional

The radio is not a place for gossip or sharing any personal details. The whole team can overhear everything you say, even if you don’t say their call sign. Keep the lines open and only use the radio for communication at a professional level, nothing more. Personal conversations are best left in person or through a secure phone line.

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