It’s important to outline the fact to the client that having a robust social media strategy in place will contribute to the overall growth and exposure of the business. This, in turn, will help improve the bottom line. But make sure the proposal is aligned with the client’s goals thereby increasing his chances of success.

Goals and objectives are something that can change over time. Make sure the social media proposal has enough cushion to adjust the vibrations. In short, be flexible. Another important point to consider is to make sure your priorities the tasks to be performed. This will ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

Highlight your Processes/Teams/Tools

Similarly, when highlighting social media tools to your client, make sure you show him the best ones out there – Hootsuite, Buffer, Mondovo, etc.

Apart from tools and social media platforms, it’s also important to showcase the processes you’re going to follow in your social media proposal. Highlight the persons involved, what task will they be working on, who will be working on posting updates, who will be working on creating content and so on. Highlight the fact that social media is a team sport and having a clear process flow in mind will not only give you clarity but will also instill your client’s confidence in you.

Reporting and updates:

It’s good, to be honest, and let your client know where his time and money is being spent as well as what’re your plans or highlight important tasks and activities for the next month. This will ensure you have a clear picture in mind on what is to be done next month and will avoid any last-minute hassle.

When it comes to targeting and winning a client, a proposal designed the right way can make or break a business relationship. Also, in the last few years, we have seen companies mixing up SEO & Social Media. However, these two are completely different areas and should not be mixed at all. An SEO proposal should only focus on SEO on-page and off-page issues while a Social Media proposal should only focus on the social stuff. A nicely done well thought of proposal can not only help you win clients but it will also help you be seen as an authoritative figure in the industry.

Highlighting the Course of Action

  • Monitoring the social activity of important personalities, influencers, fans, VIPs, focusing on trending topics, identifying the top #hashtags. For instance, if you are using Instagram then try to get post ideas from influencer’s profile and promote your posts when you buy real Instagram followers
  • Handling responses and complaints – A positive response can generate a lot of goodwill in the social media space. Similarly resolving complaints timely also matters
  • Analyzing & Documenting – Your client will be needing updates are regular intervals of time so make sure to document all the analysis and results at one place so that you don’t have to run around at the end.