When it comes to digital marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most effective methods of promoting a business. Also known as PPC advertising, this method allows for any business of any size, with virtually any budget, to attract the eyes of potential customers.

In fact, people spending money on PPC advertising accounts for nearly 80% of Google’s yearly budget. In addition, when you combine that with the fact that there are over 2 trillion searches a day, you get a sense of just how powerful this form of advertising really is.

Having said that, some businesses are better off not using it. Given a combination of many factors such as company size, budget, and other similar considerations, some companies are better off using organic search as a way of reaching customers.

3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tampa PPC Company

With that in mind, here are some questions to ask before hiring a PPC company to advertise a company.

  1. How Big/Known is The Company

Take, for example, a popular McDonald’s fast food chain in the city of Tampa. Now, compare that with a local mom and pop burger joint in the same city. Out of the two, which one is most likely to hire a local Tampa PPC company to bring them clients.

The answer is, of course, the local burger joint. In other words, if you are running a popular business that consistently brings in clients from simple methods such as word-to-mouth and name recognition advertising, there really is no need to hire a PPC company to run a campaign for your business.

  1. How Big Is The Budget

One of the best features of running a PPC campaign using Google Ads is the amount of money that can be put into it. Huge companies with a practically endless budget amount, pour tons of money month after month to run a campaign.

On the other hand, a local business owner can spend as little as $5 per day and still pump out ads. However, in the case of a local business owner with only $5 of ad spend, there really is no need to hire a PPC company due to several factors.

One, most PPC companies will not hire a client unless they can meet a certain ad spend threshold. Two, due to competition, $5 a day most likely won’t beat out other local competitors who have more to spend.

  1. Is the Contract Clear & Fair For Both Parties

One of the main reasons clients choose to run their own PPC campaigns instead of hiring a company to do it is contract disputes. Not to say that the majority of PPC companies do this but, there are many PPC companies who take on a client’s PPC campaign in order to keep them spending money on a monthly contract.

Some companies even go as low as not doing any real upkeep of the client’s campaign. That’s why it’s important to review and read the contract given to a business from a PPC company. A simple read of a contract has the potential to keep a company away from a horrible investment.

Businesses & PPC Companies

When businesses and PPC companies work hand in hand, they have the potential to create profitable and unstoppable synergy. If the client is happy earning money from the PPC company’s management of their campaign, they will continue to spend money with that company.

Overall, that is the goal for any local or national business when it comes to hiring a PPC company. Be on the lookout for companies that want to create synergy.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.