Facebook users represent more than 60 per cent of adults who use the Internet, resulting in a vast advertising opportunity for businesses. While Facebook Pages are an excellent way to market your business, changes to the algorithm on the Facebook platform can have a big impact on how many people actually see your publications.

When you deal with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising on Facebook, you know your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and the impressions you will get, but that may not be the case with other payment systems. However, social media advertising has a lot to offer and these four benefits are particularly compelling reasons for you to start advertising on Facebook.

Large Mobile Audience

Traffic on mobile devices is important as smartphone penetration continues to increase and 4G data networks are expanding. Many people use their phones during their breaks at work, to access social networks, giving you access to your mobile target audience. A study shown that Facebook has more than 1.74 billion users who access the app daily and that number continues to increase.

Extensive Analyses

Facebook also doesn’t skip on analytics and ad performance reports. Instead of struggling to see your conversion rate and other social media metrics, information is displayed clearly in front of you. When managing a Facebook page, you can access this data through the “information” tab, where metrics will be provided such as your weekly reach, likes on the page, engagements with the publication, the publications with the best performance and you can even compare your page with other similar competitor pages to see how you’re doing.

Improved Brand Recognition

Facebook users look at your notifications several times a day, giving your audience repeated exposure of your ads. Even if they’re not initially clicking, the continued visibility of your ads helps you build trust and also create opportunities for a redirect in the future.

Upward CTR Trend

The CTR of Facebook ads is also steadily increasing as Facebook improves its advertising tools and companies learn how to use them properly. And now, with constant improvements in targeting and creative ads, you can determine exactly the target audience that you want to reach, as well as having the creative freedom to choose from different types of ads to present to the customer.

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