Enamel pins are currently in vogue due to their multipurpose uses such as promotional marketing tools, decorative items, fashion and clothing accessory, and many other applications. It has been noted that customized lapel pins are extremely cheap and eco-friendly as compared to plastic stickers and other expensive advertisement strategies. Using custom enamel pins instead of stickers is a small yet essential step towards preventing environmental pollution. Many big brands use them to woo more customers during networking fairs and conferences. A lapel pin might show the brand’s logo or any other symbol, depending on the type of purpose. They can be attached to the piece of clothing or shirt, as per the convenience and requirements. 

Types of material the lapel pins are made: 

  1. Hard metal: Usually, iron metal is considered while manufacturing enamel pins in the factories as it is more durable and solid in structure. It lasts for many years without needing touch-ups and might only need polishing or painting after a few years of regular usage. A wide variety of color options can be found in hard metallic enamel pins. These can be painted with hand and hence known as handcrafted pins. 
  2. Cloisonné pins: These pins look like jewelry originated back in China that is manufactured with the help of die-struck metal with glass or transparent enamel. They are made by the process of baking in an oven type element or oven itself. After baking, polishing, and finishing takes place. These lapel pins are available in bright, beautiful colors, but the color palette has a limited color collection. 
  3. Soft metal: These are also known as embossed pins, and primarily their lines are a bit raised that offers it a nice and smooth texture. They have a funky and fun appearance to wear and hold as well. 
  4. Die-struck: These enamel pins are somewhat similar to all three of the pins, as mentioned earlier, except they do not have any colors. They only come with a metallic surface having interesting designs and shapes carved on them. 
  5. Screen printed: These lapel pins are available with intricate designs with tiny details that help them look like any of the types, as mentioned above. Photographs and images can be possible to print over it for making it look more exciting.

The final lines: These customized lapel pins can be manufactured as per the buyers’ requirements in terms of designs, sizes, and shapes. Different organizations, NGOs, universities use these enamel pins as a badge of their support or volunteering. It works as a promotional tool for them that help in wooing more customers or volunteers in their team or organization. There are different purposes as these pins can be used, and nowadays, these are attached to clothes as fashion accessories, especially for kids and girls section. People can find these badges type pins over various online websites and social media business pages. It is quite a new promotional technique to follow by the trading companies. 

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