A website can get website traffic from various sources and it is the responsibility of the website owner to generate more website traffic to make more sales and leads. The practice should be made through the white-hat method to sustain your website or blog in the long run. Some people just do everything in automatic means that do not exactly have the ideas where the automated software is building those links. Some of these links can be created to spammy sites which may decrease the sites’ value to search engines. Though automation is important and trustworthy sometimes, everything should not be 100% automated. Those who are frustrating to get huge visitors to their site, concentrating on these 4 proven ways should help them to largely generate website traffic on their site.

  1. Get Website Traffic through Article Marketing

The benefits of article marketing are not only that it helps to get long-time traffic, but also let others to link back to your articles which brings double benefit. For writing articles regularly you need to target 2 or 3 high PR article marketing directories. Though less recommended, you can automate the article marketing process with reputed software. Here I am telling such because manual article marketing is time-consuming and the article directories where automated software generally builds links are less-spammy and you can select specific directories only where the software needs to build link. But whenever it’s automatic or manual, article marketing plays a very major role to get website traffic for any site. You can share the link of your article on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories. The swipe up feature of Instagram stories direct people to your site. You can buy Instagram views to get more eyeballs on your stories.

  1. Get Traffic by Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is something that can bring a reputation as well as a help to get website traffic. With regular and valuable comments you can create a relationship with the blog owner. It is important that your comments on those blogs which are related to your field. If you are blogging on internet marketing and commenting on health-related blogs, it will not bring any value to search engines as well as those blog readers. Also, you should consider do-follow blogs mostly with high PR since search engine evaluates where the backlinks are coming from for your blog.

  1. Generate Traffic by Forum Posting

Forum posting is more interesting as you will find a good number of topics and threads to post your comments at the same time. Target few high PR forums to comments and be a regular user and build your reputation there. Don’t promote your website’s links directly in your postings. Instead, add your site link into your signature with a few good words about your site besides the link which attracts readers to visit your site. Also the more valuable and constructive your comments at the forum, the more likely that readers will fill interest on you and visit your site.

  1. Get More Website Traffic from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another useful way to get website traffic. Though, I do not concentrate on this as after writing for my site can’t find enough time for it. But Guest blogging is something that helps to build authority and proved useful in the long run. Make sure to write on high PR blogs related to yours.


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