With more and more people using their smartphones to carry out daily tasks, it’s become essential for all businesses to have a mobile app. Unlike desktop websites, these apps make it easier for companies to be with their customers wherever they go. Developing a mobile app is an effective strategy for branding, keeping customers engaged, and building brand loyalty. 

If you own a New York City business, you know that intense competition requires you to keep innovating and evolving your brand. If you’ve experienced a lull in business, creating a proprietary app is a great way to connect with customers and stimulate sales. But before researching and contacting app developers in NYC to potentially work with, you need to identify the key features your app should have.

A well-designed app will load quickly, have intuitive design and directions, and have a unique aesthetic. To impress potential customers, you may want to consider the following features: 

1. High-quality Images and Videos

Experienced app developers use all their creativity and sophistication to develop a design that appeals to the senses. The images and videos used should be of high resolution and captivating enough to catch the eye. However, be sure not to overwhelm the eye or slow down the app with too many images. 

2. FAQ and Chatbots

Offering 24/7 support is crucial if you want maximum users to download your app and use it regularly. Consider all the queries that users might have and include them in your FAQ. Have a chatbot attend to your users whenever they have any issues. Ask your app developers to provide your users with personalized help whenever they are using the app.

3. Animated Page Transitions

Static and boring pages are strictly off-limits when it comes to apps. Include animated page transitions to make your app more engaging and entertaining.

Animation plays a massive role in enhancing the user experience. Try and include an animated page transition in every moment of change, such as sending a message, opening settings, checking a box, and navigating to another page. Here are a few typical cases where functional animation fits right in: 

  • Confirming User Action– The user usually expects a visual response whenever they trigger specific actions, like making a payment, subscribing to a service, or sending a message. At this point, animated feedback that says the system has received the action will signify to the user that their request was received. 
  • Loading Animation– The system should be programmed to provide visual confirmation in the form of subtle animation to reduce the user’s impatience after they act. Loading animations acknowledge the action and help the user understand what is going on. 
  • Connecting Steps in Process– There may be tasks where the user has to carry out a specific series of steps related to each other. In such cases, your developers can use animation to connect these steps and help users complete their journey.
  • Introducing New Elements– Whenever the user sees a new object on the screen, an animated response can help them understand what it is and why it appeared. The animation can also help define relationships between a few such objects. 

An expert app developer can include more such animations to reduce user efforts needed to complete tasks. You can also use them to answer user queries and make critical information visible. Use high-quality images, content, and app colors to make them more appealing.

4. Creative Messaging and Alerts  

Alerts and creative messages are the best ways to keep your users engaged with your app. Ensure that your app developer personalizes these messages and notifications and that the users receive them at the right time. Send only those that are necessary, taking care not to annoy or overwhelm users.

5. Virtual Payment Options

Convenience leads more and more people to make their purchases through an app. Adding products or services to the shopping cart and paying for the order should be easy and intuitive, and customers expect having multiple options for transactions. For example, you may want to consider linking your app with PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay. 

Function and Engagement 
You can include many more features in your app to make it interesting, entertaining, and engaging. Just make sure you hire the best app developer in NYC who has the relevant experience developing such apps. Ask around, run an online search, and go through a few reviews and ratings to make sure you are choosing the right one. With the right help, you’ll soon have a functional, engaging app that entices new and old customers alike.

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