If you’re a movie buff, there’s no doubt that at some point, you’ve gotten irritated by the long movie ticket lines or the overpriced snacks which charge moviegoers an arm and a leg. Many movie buffs, for these reasons, opt for home improvement projects to create their own movie theatre experience in the comfort of their own home.

Making a home theatre at home isn’t actually too difficult if you have some basic handyman skills. And if you are intent on creating a unique home entertainment experience, here are six home improvement projects for the ultimate movie buff.

  1. Create a Proper Viewing and Seating Space

The first home improvement project you should focus on is creating a proper viewing and seating space. The distance between the screen and the seats should be anywhere between 6.5 to 13 ft. 

The screen should be placed so that it doesn’t get blocked if anyone stands up from the seats. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even opt for tiered seating, which is a mark of true luxury. But be warned, installing tiered seating can cost a lot and requires a large space such as a basement to be installed in the first place.

  1. Get a Direct Internet Connection

The second home improvement project for your personal home theatre is setting up a direct internet connection to the room. Nowadays, you can watch movies through the internet, and most people own a smart TV. Although wireless streaming is great, you’ll get a more stable connection and a higher image quality with a direct connection.

This project is best left in the hands of professionals since it involves installing wiring through the walls, which requires proper training and experience.

  1. Optimize Your Home Theatre System

The third home improvement you need to focus on is optimizing your home theatre system’s sound delivery. Your speakers should deliver incredible power and clarity to make you feel completely immersed in whatever you’re watching. 

You can personally try configuring if you have prior experience, but if you don’t, you should call a professional to set up your sound system. If you don’t know a professional, you should type home theatre and projector installation near me through your preferred search engine.

  1. Suspend the Projector

When setting up a home theatre, the big decision often boils down to what type of movie display you prefer. Some prefer a large screen, high-resolution TV to watch movies, while movie purists often opt to install a theatre projector. If you fall in the latter group and want to install a projector, suspend it from the ceiling rather than placing it on a flat surface.

This is the best way to keep your expensive projector projected from pets and children. You can hoist up your projector using a mounting bracket and nylon straps.  

  1. Use Dark Paint for Walls and Ceiling

Now that you’ve cleared the basics, it’s time to paint your home theatre room. Painting walls is quite easy and relaxing, so try doing it yourself before calling in a professional wall decorator to do the job.

You don’t need to paint the entire ceiling; just paint the ceiling area above the screen or TV. White is the preferred color if you have installed a projector. As for the wall, using dull dark shades is the best way to avoid screen reflections.   

  1. Control Ambient Light

The final home improvement project for your personal home theatre is installing ambient lights. Many people are uncomfortable watching movies in completely dark environments, so installing controllable ambient lights is the best option. You should go for dim colors such as blue, green, and red to enhance your viewing experience as much as possible.

You can install ambient lights yourself are have professional electricians install them in your home theatre room. For projector screens, the color white is the best choice, but if you don’t want to go for it, gray is also a good option. 

Doing Things by Yourself

Making your own home theatre system can be a lot of work and expenses but worthwhile if you’re a movie aficionado. All the projects discussed above don’t require you to work on them personally, but doing a couple of them will definitely help you save some money. Have fun doing these projects and making your very own home theatre.

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