Doing business in 2021 has become one of the greatest challenges – yet there are several untapped opportunities for all kinds and all sizes of business. This is true for all industries and niches, as well as small, mid sized and large business houses. You can make sure that you are online in order to make the right impression on your end user or customer. Before we begin to discuss the ActiveCampaign pricingmodel, we need to understand what exactly it does and how it can support growth and consistent, organized scalability for your business. 

CRM and Active Campaign

As we have established above, ActiveCampaign is a tool that helps your business. Now, the question that most of you must have is – how does it help one’s business? ActiveCampaign, like many of the alternatives to ActiveCampaign, is a system, a process or a platform that is steeped in the working principles of CRM and automation across functions like marketing and sales. 

CRM or customer relationships marketing is aimed at helping businesses with their automation needs. It does so by capturing and organizing information in a framework where functions are matched for each field carrying the said information. How does this help your business? Here’s a quick look:

Organization: With CRM, you will have the gift of organization since the information and data you need will be stored in function centric fields to be called up at the right time for the right task and by the right team member. But even before this, the data driven operations will ensure that you are able to filter the right information from all the big data out there to fuel reach, engagement and conversion through a well structured sales and marketing funnel. 

Efficiency: This is a huge plus that you will gain when you adopt any of the alternatives to ActiveCampaign. When the data and functions are organized and automated, your team will be able to function in a less chaotic manner thanks to the notifications for each step in the sales and marketing pipeline as well as the automation of those mundane tasks. 

Higher Revenue: When you combine the above two, you will have a sure shot formula that would lead to the land of higher returns – in this case, higher revenues. This is due to the fact that the mundane tasks are now automated and you have enough time on your hands to actually conduct some meaningful engagement with the prospects who have dropped through the marketing funnel and into the sales pipeline. In a nutshell, this means you will have more conversions in less time, and more effortlessly, with less use of resources. This points at higher revenues in the long run!

Insights: This would be one of the most important things that you would be able to achieve with the help of alternatives to ActiveCampaign. The CRM framework ensures that you regularly receive reports and insights on your performance within the CRM structure. This will help you undertake corrective measures where required so that you stay on the path towards your goals! 

ActiveCampaign Pricing

The above benefits points at a number of ways that can help your business in the long run, irrespective of size. Yet, before we indulge in a CRM system, we often wonder how much it will cost us. That brings us to the matter of ActiveCampaign Pricing

The pricing model here has four plans – Lite, Plus, Professional, Enterprise. 

As the names suggest, these plans are suited for startups, small businesses, mid sized businesses and larger business houses. 

The Lite Plan starts at $9 and offers email marketing with subscription forms and other such automation for 3 users. 

The Plus Plan goes a little further at $49 for 500 contacts and delivers add ons like Facebook, SMS management and dynamic content as well as 25 users. 

The Professional Plan at $129 allows you to bring in up to 50 users with one on one training sessions, predictive content, split automation, site messaging and much more. 

The final plan – the Enterprise Plan at $229 gives you everything from all the three plans along with many add ons phone support, free social data and much more.

Overall, it may be seen that the plans are priced on the higher side. Here is a comparison with other platforms in the same class:

EngageBay: The all in one software here starts at $0 for a 1000 contacts and goes onto a maximum of $47.99 for unlimited contacts which also includes services like automation, web analytics, proposal analysis, SSO, role management, and phone support apart from the usual CRM features.

ConvertKit: As one of the alternatives to ActiveCampaign, this platform goes up to $59 but it still does not have the wide range of functions that you would find in platforms like EngageBay, which makes it an expensive option. 

Drip: Drip offers its basic email services at $19 for 1500 contacts. You can add SMS services for $15, which makes it quite expensive since it does not have a full suite of services and a wide range of integrations either. Complete Marketing Automation is also not on the list here. 

AWeber: This alternative to ActiveCampaign is basically in charge of providing you with complete email marketing and lead generation services that can cost you $193.80 a year for only 500 contacts. This is much more expensive than Active Campaign with far less features than Active Campaign or even a fully loaded platform like EngageBay. 

At the end, it may be seen that EngageBay does not merely provide you with a full suite of wide ranging solutions and services, but it also comes at a super affordable costs where a startup can begin for free. Even the basic free plan offers plenty of services that can help you grow and upgrade as you scale upwards with its many efficiency building features.