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Coin flipping websites are present in thousands of forms, but why only a flipper stimulator is the best website. The thing which people lack is information because they do not do research properly and try to question the website. The major difference between other stimulators and Flipsimu is that it offers much more than a stimulator. 

On this coinflip website, you will get different tests that can describe your intuition and luck and provide you score for that. These tests make these stimulators more exciting and unique from others. If you want to find which types of tests they provide or want to gain information about them, then you can refer to the below-mentioned information. 

Two types of test one can perform through the coinflip website

The simulator also provides different types of tests. Usually, they provide two types of tests that are intuition test and the Luck test. Let’s have a close look at the workings of both tests.

  • Intuition test

Here you are provided with a number of trials in which you have to guess what the outcome would be. When you select an alternative, and it becomes correct after the result when you get one point. Once you have completed all ten trials, then you will be provided with some specific score that is the result of the intuition test.

The more you select the correct guesses; you will be awarded more points. That means if you want to get a higher score, then you have to make the most right guesses. But make sure you select your guess before you press the flip button. Else, your guesses will not get counted. 

  • Luck test 

When you are playing a luck test, then you are able to make five flips each time. This coin flipper will determine if you are lucky or not on the basis of how many correct answers you get. Firstly you are provided with the color then you have to press the flip button to flip the coin. If the coin gets the same color that you have selected earlier, then you are passed. You need to provide the same color in all five trials to win the luck test.

However, if you got the other color at any trial, then you will not be able to play the next round as you lost the game there. These tests are highly entertaining, and people love to play them on repeated terms. If you want to check your intuition, then you must visit this coin flipper website. Once you get on the website to play any kind of test, then you will not be able to stop yourself from playing as the services are fantastic. 

Wrap up If you are provided with an amazing stimulator like Flipsimu, you do not need any other platform. They will provide you impressive services and more updates from time to time. Therefore when you are seeking a stimulator, then Flipsimu is the most prominent option.

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