When consumers are looking for computers to purchase they want to get familiar with the brands that are going to work best. A lot of them review specifications and find out what brands are going to have the best possible features. Asus and Dell are among two of the leading competitors, but many consumers are not familiar with which one is the better brand.




No one brand is superior in all areas, but there are some brands that are known to have a longer life than others. When it comes to durability it is well known that Dell is one of the longer-lasting brands. This is the type of computer that has been around for a long time, and most people that own Dell computers will be quick to say that Dell computers will last for years before it becomes outdated.


Hard Drive Issues


When people look at Asus they can expect to get a bigger hard drive for less money than they will if they acquire a Dell computer. The problem, however, is that there are some known Asus z390 issues with operating system hard drives. They may get a bigger hard drive, but they may also find that this is a computer with a hard drive that may be more likely to fail. It is difficult sometimes to get these computers to boot properly when the hard drive is having issues. That is one of the things that people may have a complaint about when it comes to Asus Z390 issues with computers.




When people look at the Asus brand of computers they will definitely want to get the warranties. Dell computers have a number of great warranty options, but consumers are a lot less likely to have issues with Dell computers in general. They are going to get a solid all-around computer that has a good motherboard and a good hard drive.


The casing for these towers or laptops will also be well-designed. This means that there are a lot fewer issues like overheating because these are systems that have been tested to perform under stressful conditions. People that are getting Asus computers, however, may need to look at their options that are available when it comes to getting a warranty. It can be more of a hassle to replace parts on a computer that is not known to have a lot of good working parts.




The reviews are typically going to be better on the Asus when it comes to the amount of memory and the hard drive space. When people are considering a computer that is going to give them fewer long term problems, however, the better reviews are going to be written about Dell computers. This is a brand that has made a name that is connected to quality. That means that more people are going to be able see reviews that reflect this quality standard that Dell has put in place.


Other Areas Of Concern


When consumers are looking at issues with computers they want to have a processor that is going to run well. They also want to have a hard drive that is not going to crash within the first year of use. These are the initial things that people think about, but there are also other things that should be considered when it comes to comparing the Asus and the Dell computer brands.


Consumers also need to take a look at things like video cards and USB slots. These are things that most people never think of when they consider buying computers, but these are issues that can also raise red flags on certain brands.


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