The automotive sector is one of those markets that are subject to many hazards: legal, social, economic, environmental. Before tackling the solutions that will be able to counter these frequent changes, let’s take a look at the state of the market: used car sales are still booming, unlike the new car market. Indeed, the latest restrictions that came into force at the beginning of the year confirm and benefit second-hand cars, which in January 2020 recorded a 12.4% increase compared to January 2019. Using Google reviews is very important for your company.

Thus, we notice that cars between 2 and 5 years old are the most in demand. In 2019, 5.8 million used cars were sold. A striking figure and in strong growth explained in particular by the fact that for 70% of the French, the number 1 criterion is the price. An element that remains decisive in the process of buying a vehicle or for a repair.

Many companies have therefore seized the opportunities offered by the used car market. Dealerships are struggling to attract customers’ curiosity. Aside from an expanded product and service offering, how do you attract them to your dealership? How do today’s buyers behave and what can make the difference with your competitors?

Buyer Behavior 2.0

A few years ago, going to sales outlets (dealerships, garages…) to gather information was the only way to prospect and evaluate the best proposals to buy or repair a vehicle. Today, with the intensification of the use of Internet, your future buyers proceed differently. Thus, 90% of them get information on the Internet before making a purchase.

Where do they get their information? Through articlescomparison sitesreview platforms and Google My Business for example. Very comfortable on the Internet, buyers prefer to find information on their own. This removes the barrier of the overly insistent salesperson.

Comparison sites give them an initial idea of which choice will meet their needs. Reviews will direct them to your establishment or your competitor’s, as buyers are increasingly interested in a company’s reputation.

In the automotive industry, as in other sectors, the opinions of your former customers are decisive elements for future customers. They are reassuring (or the opposite) and reinforce their decision to do business with you or not. Judged reliable and authentic, they give a global image of a customer experience with your company. Information on the quality of products, associated services, customer relations or after-sales service are generally given.

Regardless of the field of activity, it is important to know that :

  • 82% of consumers read online reviews
  • Positive reviews make 91% of consumers more likely to use a company, while 82% will be put off by negative reviews.
  • On average, we spend 14 minutes reading customer reviews before making a choice.

You may not have heard of NFC yet. However, you have certainly already seen this technology at work. Thanks to the democratization of dematerialized money and the generalized use of smartphones, NFC technology has found its place among the daily gestures of a part of the population. And from now on, an even wider public could indulge in this practice which consists in bringing objects and mobile devices closer to each other and, thus, exchanging information in all fluidity. Professionals could, in particular, use this innovation to collect more and more customer feedback by sending satisfaction questionnaires in just a few seconds.

Practical, NFC technology requires few resources: a simple object or compatible device is enough to automatically send your questionnaires to your customers’ smartphones as soon as they are nearby. Through a message placed on your object or device, you can then encourage them to share their opinion of themselves. With this device, NFC technology gives you the keys to strategic visibility and a differentiating brand experience.

At Guest Suite, we already offer this innovation to complement your customer review strategy. We wanted to share with you the benefits of this innovation to maximize your chances of getting more stars.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.