Creating software for the mining industry has so far been one of the most yielding investments for the organization. The mining sector being one with a lot of complexities in operation (covering the artisanal, surface, underground and dredge operations), makes the tracking, proper documentation and appropriate collation of overall information owning also to the diversity of its working (mining of stones, coal, gravel, metals and non-metals) not forgetting overseeing numerous operators, putting severe safety measures in place, managing heavy machineries, equipment and tools.

The management of a mining operation before the introduction of a software has been an exhaustive process. Operators have long been looking for ways to automate the operation while ensuring a reduced level of hazards and optimal output. The software can be altered or tailored to meet the specific needs of a mining organization which fosters productivity, drastic reduction of hazards in the workplace and increase of the companies’ profit margin.

Some benefits of a software tailored to meet the needs of a mining firm includes;

  • Mining operations are combinative, as the failure of one part of the operations causes a setback. The software is introduced to give foresight of possible machinery lifespan and remedies it by acting as a schedule reminder for regular preventive maintenance which will not affect operations, avoids unnecessary wear of machines and prevents unpredicted malfunctions.
  • Owing to the knowledge of sophistication of mining equipment and operators, there is a need for timely response towards work orders. The software becomes handy as it keeps an inventory record of machineries and equipment, making automated orders generated with as little effort as clicking of the mouse, it furthermore serves as a tracker for the progress of the repair work or replacement being done and prevents unnecessary stockpiling of spare parts following proper inventory.
  • The software assists managers to keep wide record range, monitor operators and machine efficiency, cumulative output of any operation and provides a system to track and record total costs incurred, show exact timing of activities (repairs, breakdowns, work hours). This opens a clear insight into the areas of improvement and upgrade (machine or workers related).
  • Being an industry exposed to hazardous situations in operation, the software has a database that contains all information regarding the safety of workers. To reduce hazards in the workplace, it acts as a pendulum on when to conduct inspections, repairs or maintenance in tune with the overall industry standard.

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