Portable video conferencing system assumes a vital role in businesses; it helps in conducting meetings frequently, which is essential for business development.

Video teleconference equipment has the technology to carry out conference sessions with multiple participants.

 This way, businesses get to save money on travel costs and ultimately increase productivity.

 Here is the best free video conferencing software:

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is amongst the best free web video conferencing services at present. ezTalks Meetings gives free HD web video conferencing, as well as online whiteboard joint effort tools, to enable team members to see the notes and drafts of their partners on the online whiteboard. ezTalks Meetings can support up to 100 individuals on one web meeting. Massive.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx ranks high among the best free video conferencing software. Like most web conferencing software; there is a free version of WebEx. WebEx’s free version restricts the number of meeting members to three. Clients can share their screens.


 Skype is very popular among video conference software. It allows screen sharing for free. Any individual who needs to use Skype has to sign up. Users need to create a Skype account and download the software.  To be able to use the conferencing features, participants must be added to the contact list.


Zoom has both the free and paid version. Its free version only allows a 40 minutes conference duration with a limited number (three) of conference participants

With the paid version, businesses can have an unlimited number of participants, endless meetings, and video conferencing with vast features. Some of these features include dual stream for dual screens, and full-screen views, active speaker view. Participants can even join midway into the session.

Apache OpenMeetings

OpenMeetings has little design and UI. It is barely a standout amongst the most attractive software, but it’s free web conferencing software. OpenMeetings software has video conferencing, whiteboard abilities, texting, and document editing features. This software has everything that most of its rivals have. Since this software is an open source application, it’s possible for groups to get a developer to customize the platform to suit the requirements of the user.

Google Hangouts

Google has a few solutions and apps, similar to Google Voice. Google has such a large number of applications that staying aware of all that they offer can be hard. Google Voice and Hangouts have comparable capacities. Nonetheless, Google Hangouts can accomplish more than telephone calls. Like other Google applications, Hangout can be free. It enables users to receive and send texts to receive and send SMS messages and video chats. Google Hangouts also features VoIP calls.

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