This network contains several advertisers separated into categories. When registering on the network, you have to specify the category of your website. 

Your content type

The platform will send the ads to your website according to this category.

Google Adsense

We worked with Google Adsense for almost 2 years. It was one of the most used forms of monetization by bloggers and content producers. Google pays in dollars. And the value of the click received on the ads shown was already high.

Even at the time when the dollar was low, with just a few clicks you received considerable income. The last time we counted, we had earned around R $ 270,000.00 in 18 months of working with our blogs. We currently do not work or recommend Google Adsense. Google changed its algorithm to rank sites in the top positions and tightened the policy for using the platform without mentioning that the values ​​earned now by the clicks are a few cents.

  • It is common for users to complain that they were expelled from the platform without justification. And if you have accumulated money and are banned, you will lose the money.
  • We currently don’t work with Google. In the past it was good, today we prefer to work. We am a producer and affiliate.
  • It is recommended by as one of the best blog and website hosting services on the internet.

If you produce content related to the blog creation niche, WordPress themes, website optimization and BlogSpot templates it is a good idea to recommend hosting services. You can Get more info for the affiliate marketing here.

  • The company offers $ 65 per referral. 
  • Minimum payment starting from $ 100.00.


Affiliates who bring shopkeepers to Shopify will earn commission for each registration on the platform. Shopify provides technologies for creating virtual stores. Earn an average of $ 58 per subscription. Tenants can do a free trial and, if they like, close the deal. Affiliates prefer to recommend Shopify as an e-commerce platform. Which of the listed affiliate programs have you identified the most? Don’t be in a hurry to choose.

How to choose affiliate programs?

Sign up for affiliate programs that provide ads, products and services related to the content on your site. If you want to monetize your content with ads stay tuned for the options available. The more variety the better.

You have to test which ads receive the most clicks according to the section of the website / blog. The more advertisers vying for the best advertising space on your site, the more expensive the clicks become. We believe that the opposite is also true, the more new producers of quality content appear, the lower the value of the click. It is the read of supply and demand. If you’re going to work with a blog, focus on producing rich content so you can attract the best advertisers.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.