If the Android platform is largely customizable, it means not limiting itself to what is originally included. Thus, all the basic applications can be changed by independent versions, more or less successful, complicated or innovative, but having the advantage of giving you the choice. If Hangouts is imposed automatically, there is no alternative Whatsapp for messages, know that other solutions are also possible. Here the most important thing that you always need to check the current market and the buyers trend that what exactly people are buying. What’s in the market, what’s in the current trends? This will allow you to follow latest market trends and you will be up to dated as well.

This post will concern Android applications specialize in SMS / MMS messaging? Since the character limitation has stopped, these applications are multiplying, the competition is growing and therefore it becomes less and less easy to choose from the wide range available on the Google Play Store. Here is our selection to navigate. Realize that many other apps exist, let us know your favorites via comments.

All apps also received strong ratings from the Play Store, attributed by a large number of users, indicating a positive consensus. Here is our selection of the 5 best SMS and MMS messaging alternatives for Android.

Selection of the best MMS and SMS messaging

  1. TextSecure Messenger

If you are a person who is very much in the business of security and data protection, then TextSecure should be right for you. One of the proofs of the degree of restriction around the application: it is impossible to take screenshots when it is used.

It makes sure to encrypt your messages end-to-end as soon as you create your account by entering your phone number. This application is available under CyanogenMOD but can also be used separately. That’s it; TextSecure makes sure that only you can read the message for you.

  1. QKSMS

We have to do here to an application having made an effort on its graphic aspect. Very pretty, it does not neglect the options and the amount of advanced features for messaging. It gives a great place to customization with a multitude of themes (including a night mode); it also incorporates a fast response function, grouped messages, sending programming, all in an application without advertising. The application is fully open-source and therefore free, a good thing given that it was paid a while ago.

  1. EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS meets the latest Material Design standards of Android and it is the colors flat, sober lines and round icons that are in the spotlight. These codes are broken down through different themes that you can also set.

In addition, the application allows you to schedule the sending of SMS and respond to those received via a pop-up window to avoid having to open the app. Finally, EvolveSMS offers a private inbox in which you can place the most private conversations in security, protected by an unlocking scheme.

  1. Textra SMS

The application pleases by its aesthetics respecting Material Design. Textra is highly customizable. This allows you to choose the mood of your application and activate a Night Mode that changes the background from white to gray or black. A function taken over more and more often

Offering more than just managing your text messages, Textra will provide you with the ability to respond quickly to your messages, to be notified by floating notifications, the creation of signatures, specific notifications. You can also request acknowledgments or automatic recording of videos and images in your Smartphone. Textra is also compatible with Android Wear and PushBullet.

  1. MySMS

Praised by the public and the specialized press, MySMS is a multi-platform service. It serves Windows, Mac but also Internet browsers. You can send messages from your computer if you have registered your phone number.

You can create grouped messages, program, and export and back up your archives and offer compatibility with Evernote, DropBox and Google Drive. To benefit from the advanced options, you will need to subscribe to the Premium version costing around $10 for one year.

  1. Chomp SMS

It’s a pretty old application dating back to the beginning of Smartphone’s. Hand in hand with Android, Chomp has grown and of course evolved and currently wearing a look reminiscent of Hangouts. This is good because it is one of the most popular messaging applications.

It provides many Emoji, password lock, message lock, and other security options, including a blacklist. It also offers a quick response function. Chomp also supports Android Wear and PushBullet.

  1. Handcent SMS

Like other applications, Handcent SMS also supports MMS, of course. But the application offers two-three other options quite practical, as for example to generate his signature, write SMS from a computer. It is possible to customize the themes and the application can display next to a contact the number of messages in your conversation.

Beyond the classic options of sending messages, MMS, Handcent also allows to send drawings in the form of MMS. The application also has a pop up mode to respond quickly but also a password protected private inbox.

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