Run, pedal, stretch, head and sweat. If you think that these activities are carried out outdoors, in gyms or on sports courts, you are very wrong.

They have been practiced at home, in front of television and video games. That’s right; the great villains of sedentariness have become great allies in the practice of sports!

Workout, no. Just fun

The difference of the video game is the remote control, wireless, and its sensors that capture the movements of the player off the screen. The big catch is that the user participates in the game by making the typical movements of each modality with her own body, instead of sitting, just pressing the buttons. With the dota 2 boosting  you can find the best deal now.

“It is interesting because it encourages sports, with lots of fun. What’s more, it can be used as a complement to physical activity , as it develops the so-called brain fitness trains the areas of the brain responsible for attention, rhythm, reflex and balance”, says the expert, technical coordinator of Academia Runner (SP). But Álvaro warns that the exercise practiced in the video game is only a simulation and should not be considered as physical activity. “In real exercise, the athlete has overweight, air resistance and other factors that hinder the practice and, consequently, increase caloric expenditure. Want an example? Unlike the real race, in the virtual you don’t find challenges like uphill or sandy terrain”, explains the expert.

Virtual Academy

And despite having the nickname “virtual academy”, it cannot be considered a fitness station. “In the virtual game, the player does not have the support of a specialized professional to guide her. In addition, it does not offer an individualized program, with a proposal for cargo evolution and breaking down barriers. These challenges are fundamental to overcome the limitations of the body and encourage overcoming”, warns Gisele Mendes Santiago, professor of bodybuilding at Vibe Academia (SP).

  • Playing video games is more than entertainment, and it is not a gamer who is saying that. In many ways, science has proven that shooting “Counter Strike”, spending a lot of time assembling the pieces of “Tetris” and even venting tension in “Grand Theft Auto” can bring more benefits than previously thought.
  • Considered for many mothers a villain of health, the video game has evolved these past years, and has shown that it can also be extremely positive, both for children and adults. There are several recent researches that prove the efficiency of some models, but, of course, every game must be well-dosed.

Any game offers a challenge to attention. Even in simple Tetris it is necessary to concentrate to fit the pieces in the best possible place. Even surgeons can benefit from a good game of video games. The ability to perform laparotomy surgeries was greater in professionals who played for about three hours a day. This is just one more reason why the Virtual academy survival game is very popular. For information about how to get the game, reach us here. For real guns, handguns and assault rifles, and to purchase firearms & tactical equipment visit