When a dangerous storm is headed your way, it’s important to know what to do to be ready. If you live near the coast, it’s essential for you to be prepared and know how to evacuate if that becomes necessary. Here are some ways to equip yourself for a hurricane before one is on track to hit your town.

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Have a Plan

Each person in your home should know what to do if a storm is brewing. Have emergency kits ready for each person that include food, water, medicine, first aid, batteries and flashlights. Keep your generator in working condition by having generator repairs Philadelphia PA inspect it yearly. Don’t forget about your pets. Have a supply of food and water available for them if you need to leave quickly. Make sure you know the evacuation routes if the storm worsens.

Secure Your Home

Storm shutters need to be in place to protect windows, doors and skylights. If you have enough warning before a storm hits, think about trimming back dead tree limbs and overgrown bushes so they don’t end up damaging your property. Place patio furniture inside or secure it with rope. Move any fragile items away from the windows so they stay in one piece.

Charge Everything

Have fuel in your car and extra gas to power your generator before the storm gets close. Use the electricity you have now to charge your cell phones in case you lose power. If you do lose power, you should have plenty of batteries in your emergency kit.

Shelter in Place

If you’ve stayed in your home for the storm, make sure you stay on the first floor in an enclosed area. The room should have no windows. Have your emergency kits with you so you have supplies until the storm passes. Monitor the weather on a radio and stay inside when the eye passes.

Be Patient

Don’t head outside before the hurricane is over. It can be extremely dangerous to be outside in the high winds. Once it is over, call to report downed power lines if you can. Use the food and water you’ve set aside for this emergency situation. Check the damage around you property and start making a list of the things that need to be repaired.

A hurricane path is hard to predict, which means you need to be ready ahead of the storm. Follow these ideas to make sure you have what you need in case a large hurricane comes toward your area.

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