The modern business world is divided into life before Covid and life after. In less than 2 years, the situation in business has changed radically. What once seemed unshakable and eternal suddenly became unpromising and even unprofitable.

Large enterprises, forced to close their offices for several months, are now in no hurry to return employees to their jobs. As it turned out, the remote format of work has its undeniable, and, above all, financial advantages. There is no need to pay for rent and maintenance of expensive real estate in prestigious business centers, and the efficiency of employees who have become even more firmly holding on to jobs amid massive layoffs has even increased.

The purchasing power of the population has declined sharply, the exponential growth of cases has sowed alarm among the population and forced them to further reduce spending, fearing a deterioration in the economic situation. The franchising market, which until recently grew like an avalanche, instantly collapsed, and the few survivors clearly showed who could really bet on.

The world of traditional business, slowly and creakingly moving online, suddenly appeared there regardless of the desire of the owners. The challenge of the modern world, to paraphrase the classics of an irretrievably bygone era, sounds like – “Distance or die.” And this is not a play on words – these are the realities in which the world has fallen.

CBD industry in Canada

It’s very important to take a look at the CBD industry in Canada. The country has given a green light to the top-tier companies like TopShelfBC to produce and sell CBD quality products. If you want to take a look at this space, then learn more about the health benefits of Cannabis.

Sale of oxygen cocktails VS Renting of oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators, which were once used exclusively as equipment for the production of oxygen cocktails and to satisfy single requests for filling an oxygen cushion, suddenly became in acute shortage and are in demand.

The oxygen they produce has become a necessary condition for the survival of patients who have had Covid. Oxygen concentrators with a capacity of 5 and 8 liters are most in demand, the rental price of which is from $3. Per day with the purchase price of the device from $100.

Production of protective masks 

The urgent need for protective masks in the first months of the pandemic led to their overproduction. Today, the demand of the population for these means of protection is more than 200%.

So is it still worth trying to make money in this niche? Definitely worth it!

Judging by the forecasts of infectious disease specialists, the world may expect a new wave of diseases, and therefore we will not completely abandon masks soon. Hence the natural trend to turn the mask into a fashion accessory, which means it’s time to compete with the fashion designer and release your own original line of masks that customers will want to wear.

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