Solved] How to Recover Deleted Files From an SD Card (2021)

It may happen that you’ve accidentally formatted the SD card or the card gets corrupted and you need to format it to access it. However, when you format an SD card, it removes the information about the location of data (photos) on the card. It means that the stored photos and other files become invisible to the user and the card shows as empty. But these files remain on the SD card and not permanently removed until overwritten.

So, can you recover photos from a formatted SD card? The simple answer is ‘Yes’. You can recover photos from formatted SD card by using a photo recovery software

What Happens When You Formatted SD card?

If your SD card is formatted, then file system removes address table, i.e., information about the data (photos) location on the SD card. This means that after format the data on the SD card won’t be recognized by the SD Card. This makes the stored photos invisible and shows the SD card as empty. However, technically, your image files are still present on the storage media & not gone until you overwrite them.

Which Software should I Use for Photo Recovery from SD Card?

When looking for effective software that can recover pictures from a SD card, you need to consider the following things.

  • The software can recover data from all types of SD cards.
  • The software must be compatible with all kinds of photo file formats.
  • The software should be fast, safe, and effective.
  • The software is able to recover data under any circumstances.
  • The software should be easy-to-use: user-friendly.
  • The software allows to preview the files for free. This helps in making the purchase decision.

Stellar Photo Recovery is one such software that has all the qualities mentioned above. To start with, you can easily preview the files that will be recovered by the software before you purchase it. That way, you will know if the software is able to recover the data. Adding to that, this powerful software can recover data from any kind of storage media.

Also, the software can recover all kinds of photo formats. If for some reason you could not find your preferred file format in the supported list, you can manually add the one that you require.

The process of recovering photos by using Stellar Photo Recovery software is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow a simple 3-step process: SELECT, SCAN, and RECOVER. The pictures will be recovered within no time as the software is really fast. You can download the free demo version of Photo Recovery software to preview recovered photos, however to go for unlimited photo recovery you can buy activation key of photo recovery software.


If you’ve lost SD card photos due to formatting of SD card or any other logical data loss reason, you can easily recover them by using Stellar Photo Recovery software. The software can recover all types of photo formats and supports recovery on Windows as well as Mac systems. You can free download the software from the official website and test its functionality before making the purchase decision.

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