airpods are the electrical wireless device that is used to listen to music by connecting it to any other device. In the market various types of airpods are available many big brands have launched their own airpods with this fake and copied airPods are also introduced in the market at a very cheaper rate. But there is always a trust issue with fake airpods and it is not considered as good for long term use except some of the best fake airpods.

How to recognize that the airport is real or fake

Normally fake airpods are made by those companies which are never be heard by anyone. Real airpods must have a well-recognized brand name behind it. By checking the quality of airpods you can easily differentiate between real and fake airpods as sound in real airpods is pleasant and contain bass whereas sound in fake airpods contains no bass and will tear the voice. You can also check the QR code present on the box. 

Reliability of fake or copied airpods

After considering the cheaper rate of airpods you can be reliable on fake airpods but for a short period of time. If anyone wants to use AirPods for the long term than fake airpods is not for them they should buy a well-recognized company’s product. Fake airrpods can work well for a short period of time but after that, they start losing their capabilities like low battery life, zero bass, etc.

Basic qualities of airpods which is considered for buying it 

The main reason behind the popularity of airpods is the wireless nature of airpods. It is a unique product for consumers having no wires. Basic qualities of airpods are as follow:

  • Wireless in nature
  • Easy to carry and comfortably fit
  • Having a good battery life
  • Good ability to connect with other devices
  • Good quality of sound and bass
  • Easy to charge at any place

You should go through these qualities before buying it and this will help you to make a difference between real and fake products.

The reason behind trust issue with fake airpod

Generally, people don’t trust on fake airpod as there is not any guarantee of the life span of the product and battery backup of fake AirPods is also not so good. The sound quality also decreases with time and sometimes it also creates a problem in connection with another device. Moreover, with time it loses its basic qualities and starts irritating the consumer. 

Why fake airPods is cheaper than real or branded airpods 

The main reason behind the cheaper rate of fake airpod is the low-quality material used in the manufacturing of airPods. Another reason is the parent company does not provide any guarantee or warranty period for the product. Copied AirPods are always cheaper as they copied the technology for making the product. There is also variation in the price of fake airpods. The price of some of the best fake airpods is much higher than the other fake products available in the market.

By Linda

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