There are numerous pros of being able to pay for any good or service online. We all know how e-shopping is proving to be a delightful and economical experience. You can now pay for plenty of things online – from your insurance premiums, to your mobile and utility bills, from booking movie tickets to paying for e-challans. Across all industries and services, the online digital methods of payments are fast becoming popular and most preferred methods of making payments.

TS e-challan or challans issued by the traffic department of Telangana are one of the latest additions to the list of online payments. Pay with ease when stopped by a traffic policeman for violating a traffic rule and issued with a TS e challan. Pay using credit cards, debit cards, Bank Transfer or Netbanking, UPI systems or your electronic wallet. No involvement of cash and no tension of carrying good amount of fiat currencies with you while on road.

Drive safely and if by mistake or knowingly you have defaulted on essential traffic rules, then abide by the law and make on the spot payment of your TS e challan using a reliable method of online payment from either the website or App of the Telangana Traffic department or from the website or App of a payment aggregator, also called a reseller. Some of the most popular ones in the industry today are Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.

Though settling your e-challan bills have never been so easy before, you ought to take care while using the digital medium to make the payments. Here are some important to-do’s that need to be kept in mind:-

  1. Instead of starting to use your mobile phone or any other smart device there and then, it is advisable to step to a corner, to carry out the task. This is to avoid other people looking at your passwords and other protected mechanisms.
  2. Use your smartphone but ensure that the phone is password protected.
  3. At such moments, when you are stopped by a policeman for disobeying rules, it is natural that you might get stressed out. Hence, if you have a downloaded app of a third party aggregator you will save yourself from lots of last minute hassle and tension. You simply need to open the app, put in the details asked for and confirm the payment.
  4. Remember to use the mobile data of your handset rather than connecting with a publicly available free Wi-Fi. This can make your system highly vulnerable to online miscreants who are always available to hack unauthorized information.
  5. If you are using the browser on your mobile, ensure that you are not clicking on any links – it is better to type the website address as mentioned on the TS e-challan.
  6. Remember to logout of the browser and the App once the process is completed.

As soon as the e-challan is paid by you online, the system immediately records the payment and you will receive a confirmation from the traffic department within minutes. Most systems offer this service free of cost and at all hours of the day and the night.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.