Creating and sharing videos has never been easier. And the consumption of this type of content has been growing every year: in Brazil, the increase was 135% in the last 4 years. If your restaurant is not yet taking advantage of it, it is time to put this strategy into practice. For the segment, behind-the-scenes videos that portray the day-to-day of the establishment and the preparation of the dishes are a sure bet to strengthen the customer relationship with the brand. The more we love a subject, the more content we like to consume about it. Take the opportunity to expose principles and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make up the brand and make it unique. Live releases are also a great way to gauge consumer interest in a given subject and to invite them to interact. To increase the reach of this type of strategy, it is worth looking for partnerships with digital influencers (read more below). For the Cannabis dispensary sem you can find the best deals now.

Food Influencers / Food bloggers

Digital influencers are social media users who have gained credibility in a specific industry in the food industry, they are known as food bloggers. They have a large following, a significant range of their published content, and a strong persuasive power over their audience. In a society where we have more and more product and service choices, most consumers turn to digital influencers for decision-making.

If you plan on launching a new dish, wanting to increase movement in your restaurant, want to reach a specific audience or even kick-start your social media business, it may be the right time to call an influencer to visit your establishment.

Stay tuned for online evaluations of your business

The search for online recommendations for products and services is already part of the reality of many consumers. So be sure to keep track of what your customers say about your web establishment. This can directly impact how people perceive your brand and influence their decision whether or not to choose your restaurant. Answer all comments and make no effort to turn negative reviews into positive ones.

Have loyalty programs

This is an old and very effective offline strategy for those who want to reward their most loyal customers. In addition, it is a great alternative to moving your restaurant in low periods. Take this strategy into the digital environment through member programs, online coupons, and points programs. Take the opportunity to encourage your customers to rate your restaurant. Understand here how to create a loyalty program to apply to your business.

Make promotions

Promotions are always a means of attracting new customers and increasing sales in a certain period. Invest in online promotions that, in addition to having a wide range and low cost, help drive social media and strengthen relationships with current customers.

Integrate your restaurant with online food delivery platforms

A highly effective way to serve your online customers, even without a restaurant website or e-commerce service, is to integrate your establishment with online food delivery applications and websites. In addition to being responsible for delivery logistics, these platforms help bring more visibility to your business.

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