In order to be sure of the good functioning of its computer park, a company must choose well its computer service provider. Thus, the latter must be effective and trusted. Of course, it is not easy to find a successful service provider. Indeed, it must meet the expectations of the company that seeks. In addition, tariffs must also be affordable, especially for SMEs. With the Chicago IT services you can have the best deals now.

The IT Providers

Before choosing the IT provider, you must first identify your needs. It’s important to know what you want to install a computer park under Windows. These are computers, network, storage, software and security. The service providers are usually specialized in specific areas of IT. This is vital information to help you make your choice; the goal is to have at its disposal the skills of a provider knowing the specific issues related to your sector of activity. Indeed, these topics will not be the same for an SME working in e-commerce as well as one working in health or hospitality.

  • As it is a recruitment, it is essential to check the skills of the professional who is about to be hired. The best way to know is to consult his website in detail. It is also possible to find out from other companies that have already used him. If possible, arrange for an interview with the IT provider. This will ensure that it will be able to meet your needs and expectations. To this end, do not hesitate to ask him if he has the necessary certifications for the software and hardware he uses. In practice, customer needs revolve around setting up a corporate internal computer network. For more security, they may concern data backup or securing computer equipment.

The Service Contracts

The IT service contract is a service provision contract used in the field of IT. The service encompasses a vast array of specificities related to the computer world. This is why it is essential to draw up a service contract between the service provider and the customer. The purpose is to have a good understanding between the two parties. The contract must be complete and exhaustive.

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Why does a company need a service contract?

The reasons are multiple. IT service companies provide the link between IT builders and developers with users. In this context, they offer a service of installation or maintenance and advice or assistance. All these proposals concern services in the rather large field, hence the interest of the service contract. It allows controlling the service of the provider for the customer. The contract must therefore gather and articulate all the services provided. For this, he must set the framework of intervention.

As in the case of outsourcing IT services, it is advantageous to group the services under one and the same provider and interlocutor. Otherwise, we would have one provider for the board, another for the maintenance, and so on. The contract must include a detailed description of the interventions, such as the nature, duration, deadlines, mission dates and means of verifying the services provided. The contract makes it possible to clearly specify the needs of the customer to his service provider. It also allows you to check black and white that the service perfectly matches your needs.

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