Your franchisees need to be able to get in touch with each of their leads and to manage their workflow in an accessible way with a great CRM, and you, the franchisor, need to be able to get quality investor leads to your franchising brands. Our franchise recruitment performance program is the perfect answer that was created to bring the right investor leads to each of your franchising brands. Our franchise CRM is the solution to help you get great investors for all of your companies.

We offer more than just leads, however. Our complete line of franchise development services include a suite of marketing tools, media purchases and services for a comprehensive program, all that you can easily integrate into your system. It is delivered to you turnkey. Additionally, we use a consultative and open approach that has a foundation in an established and proven strategy. Also, all of our work is delivered in-house, making sure that our quality is consistent to each customer.

We have decades of experience as a team to offer you a high level of expertise and the highest possible performances. We have been working in in the franchise recruit marketing field for years, helping brands develop and fine tune their marketing.

We utilize our own open source software that is the most powerful tool for automating franchise marketing available today. We started building this framework from the very beginning to bring dependable and affordable services to our customers. We can interface with most systems, customize it, and cut down on vendor risk.

With our CRM, you can manage your business’ contacts and track their interactions. You can do this in various ways, such as by downloading the documents you’ve shared, website visits, and seeing your online chats from the very beginning of your conversations with leads. You can track your communications with workflows with checklists and follow-up tasks, and you can send emails to get those investors you need to create a stellar business opening.

Every time you have an inbound call, the CRM creates a contact for you and records it if you want it to. So there isn’t a reason for you to pay for a CRM license when you can get it for much less as part of our suite of services.

We also offer search engine optimization for your franchise development website so that you can share news, and you can empower your social media networks to establish affiliation and referral opportunities from one place. We also aggregate digital marketing key performance indicators that can let you know each time a new opportunity comes up.

Utilizing our franchise CRM is just the beginning of what our established and proven set of tools can do for your franchise brand development.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.