Develop habits to track results with analytics

You may have set short term and long term goals for your local business in Hong Kong, whether it is based on your website traffic, acquisition of new leads, completion of product sales, or more. Your digital marketing efforts for the Hong Kong market will need help from analytics tools, and map analytics data to your goals.

With a Hong Kong local Business, you would look at what geographic locations is your traffic coming from. Your main business is based in Hong Kong, and you are selling mainly to people living in HK, then this is where you should be seeing the majority of your web traffic. When your big traffic starts to come in through another country, that means you will need to take a closer look into your data analysis.

When you are running an e-shop or an e-commerce site, you should track what websites are referring people (and/or customers) to visit your website. The question to you is that you should be interested to see how people are discovering your business. It could be through organic search traffic (from Google, Yahoo, or Bing), direct traffic, social traffic (from Facebook, or Twitter), or paid advertising.

Learn from business growth examples

In terms of growing the business customer base, you may also try some unconventional methods. One such example is that once Netflix would make a move to mention one of its competitors Hulu. A Twitter user was looking for a certain movie or TV series, Netflix would reply that the user may try Hulu. The immediate effect was that the message went viral, and ended up helping both Netflix and Hulu. The question is that can you apply this to your local business or product in Hong Kong?

Another approach is that when you have a good enough brand, other businesses may want to make use of it. Why not letting them to use it? One way to do this is that you may franchise it. You want other business entrepreneurs to take your franchising offer. When they do that, you are leveraging their abilities and time. Franchising allows other people to help growing your brand, and expanding to regions or countries where you are short in support. Perhaps due to this franchising approach, you may have established partners who set up businesses (through franchising) in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, or other countries/regions in Asia.

Help people along the way to success

It is commonly believed that the future of business growth and product sales would depend highly on your ability to help other people. This will lead to generating so many more leads in the long run. It will lead to establishing a stronger, more loyal and highly satisfied customer base. And content marketing is just waiting at the corner which can be implemented to narrow the traditionally big gap between the established corporate and the small startups.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.