NFT also means non-fungible token. It is a sui generis kind of identifier that can cryptographically allocate and demonstrate or show the ownership of goods that are digital in nature. Apart from that, NFTS for artworks that are digital has been sold for so much value i.e. in millions. One of the reasons for the same is that they are very popular. In addition, one of the surprising things that you will note is that in the first half of the present year 2021, NFTs sales have struck $2.5 billion. There is add-on use of this technology, only once do people need to understand how the NFTs work? 

What is NFT?

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Difference between NFTs and FTs

One of the differences that you will note between fungible and non-fungible is that in a fungible item, the item can be exchanged because its value is not attached to its uniqueness. For instance, you can exchange a $50 bill for another $50 bill, and you will know that the serial number remains the same and you still get $50 even if you have a new bill. Whereas, non-fungible items cannot be exchanged because of their uniqueness. For instance, (and the amount of non-fungible items is not the same), an antique watch cannot be exchanged for an antique piece of artwork, because each has its own uniqueness and the cost is also different. 

NFT is in trend these days, There are so many companies launching NFT Contest to get more people engaged with their NFT’s and get a chance to host your NFT on the blockchain for the first time.

When Shopping an Item that is NFT – 

Plus, one of the important things that you should note is that the high cost and headlines of NFT are also appealing to scammers and fraudsters. Due to this reason, the investors should be careful. So, when you do NFT shop be careful because some might try to sell you something like artwork or other digital item and call it an NFT, which is actually not an NFT. It can also happen that some people may claim or say that they have the right to sell an NFT of a piece of artwork or others but they do not own it or create it either. So, you have to be careful with such kinds of fraudsters. Plus, there are some people who make copies of the image, video, or digital items or artwork that you are owing when you purchase an NFT. But always remember that the original is more valuable, compared to the copies of the artwork, image, video, or digital item. 

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