The Founder of Facebook bought a domain name for her daughter for 700 USD from an Indian student, the news went viral in Internet space, After that a lot of people showed interest in domain flipping. People also come to know, a startup operating in India, bought a domain name in Millions.

Don’t you think buying a domain for 100 USD and selling it for thousands and millions, is not a lucrative business. Yes, it is a lucrative business but there are some secrets and myths from which you people are unaware of.

People especially students and bloggers are curious to know about domain flipping- Is it a full time career option or not? Domain flipping industry is doing pretty well today as most of the .com domains are already sold out. If you check for 4 Letter .com domains, all are sold out. You cannot get any .com domain on fresh registration.

I know few people are making a living out of domain flipping business, it is no more a part time option. People are considering it as a full time career option.

The people always searching for domains with good search volume, related with a B2B business, must have good backlinks which help in link lifting of your website on search engines, pronounceable, easy to remember etc.

It seems a very easy job but it is a tough job to find potential buyers for your domain and then selling them at your desired price. The people who booked premium domain names in the 2000 era are enjoying the earnings now. They invested in many gems which are getting big offers from startups and MNC’s

Right now, you will find 2-3 types of potential buyers, first the people who want to make their own website on domain names, they are not companies, they are individuals, bloggers and Internet marketers, secondly we have domain resellers, who bought domain names at low prices and sell them at high prices, Lastly we have companies who invested in premium domains for their businesses.

Always keep track of these companies which are looking for premium domains. Buying a domain name and waiting for the offers, this is not a domain flipping, if you have domain name, you must market your domain name to end users. You can list your domain name on portals like flippa, godaddy and sedo.

These portals do help you to make a big sale on your domain names. There are many other things you need to keep in mind to start your career as a full time domain flipper.

People usually bought so many domain names, in hope to make a sale but what happened later on, they are left with those domains, the register is asking for a renewal fee next year, if you don’t pay the renewal fee then it will expire. So, you have a few months to make a sale. Always take this thing in mind before considering it as a career. It is expired domain names which sell well at high prices.

It comes with experience, if you are making successful sales and know how to do outbound marketing for domain names then you can consider it as a full time option else do not consider it as a full time career option.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.