Digital marketing, or digital marketing, refers to the communication and sale of a business through digital channels. Digital channels include e.g. the company’s own website and social media, and ads that drive traffic to it, or “click campaigns”. From the best ppc and seo agency you can find the best options now.

Digi vs. Traditional Advertising

When comparing modern digital advertising with traditional print advertising, it’s clear why the industry is (metaphorically) on fire. Digi is more efficient and less expensive than traditional marketing, but it is also really competitive because even a small player can easily get into it.

A traditional ad, such as a newspaper print, has a business image, a promotional text, and contact information. The Internet and social media make content much more engaging – for example, a customer experiences video or a virtual walking tour.

Website or “my own plot”

The website is the home ground of the company, where only the imagination is the limit. The goal of digital marketing is to direct the audience from somebody or search engines to your own website, for example, an online store or business contact information. The benefit of having your own website is that by measuring the behavior of your target audience, your own site is almost always in the best position to make major changes to your site’s structure to test what works best and where the business benefits most.

Targeting the Right Audience

However, the greatest benefit of digital advertising, in addition to content diversity, is its targeting. Have you wondered why search engines and social media are almost always free for users? One word, ads. More specifically, targeted ads. The rule of thumb on the net is that if you do not pay for the product, you are the product itself.

Search engines and social sites collect an incredible amount of data from their users, they know what each user is interested in and what products or services they are ready to buy. This information is used for targeting so-called click campaigns.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Click campaigning is an advertising tool that companies can use in search engines. As its name implies, the company creates an ad on a search engine, which clicks on the customer’s “own site” or website. The company pays the search engine for each click on the ad. Artificial intelligence calculates the cost of a click based, among other things, on the competitive situation of the business sector and demand, and sets a budget for the click campaign, a financial limit that cannot be exceeded on a daily basis.

CPA, or Cost Per Action

As digital advertising has become more diverse, the tools and pricing models for business advertising offered by social media have changed. Nowadays, one can come across a phenomenon where the price of ads is made up of acts that have occurred. These actions may include, for example, video views or post likes.


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