Client-Server Computing utilizes local processing power-the power of the desktop platform. It shapes the way enterprise accesses, shares, and uses data. With this method, data is no longer under the firm control of Seniors Managers and MIS (Management of Information Systems) staff; it is easily available to middle-rank personnel and workers. They can actively take part in decision-making and operation on behalf of the company. Using a server like     Dell PowerEdge T340, a company can become more flexible and responds quickly to the dynamic business environment outside. Also, if one machine goes down, the company will still run properly.

Open Systems

An open system is another feature of Client-Server Computing, which means you can configure your systems, both hardware and software from different vendors as long as they stick to a general standard. In this way, the company can tailor their system for their particular situation and needs, choosing the most cost-effective hardware and software components to suit their tasks. For instance, you can grab the data and run it through a spreadsheet from your desktop using the brand of computer and software tools that is most comfortable with you and get the job done in your own way.


Since we are mixing hardware and software of different natures together as a whole, all the hardware and software components are really modular in nature. This modularity lets the system to expand and modernize to meet requirements and needs as the company expands. You are free to add and remove whoever you want in your machine or client, you can implement a few software, and even add some hardware features without affecting the functioning and operating of the Client-Server as a whole. Besides, as new computing platforms develop, you can evaluate new environments and system components in a modular fashion.

 Cost Reduction and Better Utilisation of Resources

Potential organizations save cost, and they would consider Client-Server Computing. The base price of hardware (networks and machines) and software for Client/Server systems is usually a tenth of the cost to that of mainframe computing. Dell PowerEdge R240 can be a good choice in this regard.

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