You can do a quick scan of your inbound links (sites that link to yours) from Google’s Search Console. To do this, once connected to the Console, select the site (property) and go to “Search Traffic” to “Links to your site” then click “More” to see all the links.

You will have no indication of the “penalty risk” itself, but you can nevertheless consult these different sites and see which ones have nothing to do with yours. Delete them if you find the connection questionable. For the seo company los angeles this is important.

To remove the links that you consider doubtful (spam), we invite you to read the help Google to disavow inbound links.

Acquire incoming links (backlinks)

Acquiring links to one’s site is a job that usually takes a lot of effort and time. Google expects links to be built as you go along with the natural development of your site. It will be suspicious to identify overnight dozens of links pointing to your site and may be considered spam.

You can, however, try to get some links intelligently.

The netlinking

Encourage others to create links. When a website is properly built and running, all the job of an SEO manager is to conduct netlinking campaigns. This simply involves encouraging other sites to link to your site. There are several methods:

  • The link ninja is without a doubt the most direct and concrete way to make other sites link to your own pages. Simply because it is you who will create your link on the site of others. How? ‘Or’ What? By leaving comments on blogs, articles, answering questions about Quora or on forums by judiciously inserting your link.
  • Link baiting which means “link fishing”. You must produce relevant content to encourage other sites to link to you. For this, you can add small options at the end of the article to share your content. One idea is to give the reader the opportunity to relay the web page to forums by providing an easily copiable link at the bottom of the article.

Our additional tips

Create and distribute video content on Youtube. YouTube allows you to give a description of the content of your video. In this description, you can create links that will be followed by Googlebot when Googlebot visits YouTube. You have the opportunity to create links from a site that enjoys a strong reputation. Youtube is the third most visited site in the world (and belongs to Google).

  • Request links to your network, create win-win partnerships.
  • Boost your presence on social networks to encourage people to share your content and increase your traffic.
  • Participate in conversations about blog post comments.
  • Sign up for directories and / or market place of quality related to your activity.
  • Solicit influencers.
  • Create a Google My Business listing and get favorable reviews for local results (including Google Maps)
  • Create an affiliate program to reward those who talk about you on the web.
  • For freelancers, register on freelance platforms specific to your activity.
  • Make a storytelling around your project to be easily picked up by blogs and the trade press.
  • Create a press relationship campaign.

By Linda

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