Undoubtedly, Gmail remains one of the most used email apps globally. This is because of its many functions and outstanding features, which make exchanging electronic messages fun. However, there are some hidden features on your Gmail app that you probably didn’t know existed. Keep reading to learn about these features and tips. 

Use Gmail without an internet connection

You do not need an internet connection throughout the day to use Gmail. Go to settings and activate the “use Gmail offline” option. This feature saves your messages from the past three months for easy access. You can also compose new messages and save them as a draft, which would be sent immediately after you have internet access. However, you might not be able to receive new messages or reply to messages instantly.

Undoing a sent message

Sometimes, you accidentally send an email to the wrong address or wish to retract a message you just sent to another person. Many people think senders can’t reverse the “send” command and, as such, settle for apologizing to their recipient with another email. Thankfully, there’s usually an undo feature at the bottom of every email sent, but this option only stays for a few seconds. 

Next time you want to send a message, take note of the button and click on it to cancel the send command. You can also lengthen the duration of the button’s appearance to thirty seconds from the Gmail settings tab. 

Attachment notice

Sometimes you forget to attach a file to a message despite having the intended file ready. Thankfully, Gmail has a feature that reminds you to attach a file to your message if it sees a specific phrase in the content. These phrases include “see attached” and “I attached.” Once you have these phrases in your message, the app reminds you to add an attachment before it sends the message. However, this feature is only partially foolproof. 


Google prioritizes safety and privacy in all its products, and Gmail is no exception. There’s a confidential mode button that you can activate at the bottom of every message, which affords you a wide range of privacy options. These options include setting the expiration date of a message beyond which the recipient won’t be able to gain access. This feature lets you choose if your recipient can copy, download, print, or forward your message to a third party. 

Dots and pluses

Interestingly, Gmail doesn’t read dots or full stops in an email. For instance, an address that reads “gmail.advocate@gmail.com” is the same as “g.m.ail.advoc.ate@gmail.com.” This is because the dots don’t matter. The same thing holds for plus. You can add a “plus” to your email address and still receive messages without issues. The advantage of this feature is that you can create multiple accounts with the same name by adding a plus sign or dot. 

A final word

Gmail can do a lot more than many users imagine. You can visit Techinbox for tips, the latest news, and hidden features on your favorite apps.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.