Medical lasers are growing in the cosmetic medicine industry and are something that is constantly advancing. But while the lasers keep getting better they also keep getting more expensive and for a medical office that has limited funds buying a new one may be just out of reach.

But when looking at medical lasers for sale you need to weigh the pros and the cons to make the choice on whether a new or used one will serve you better. While a brand new laser is a lot of money up front and is something that will continue to be upgraded throughout the years you are starting at the best. That means that it will take longer before it is completely outdated.

A brand new laser also comes with the certification and that means that the cost is the true cost and there are no hidden fees associated with them. Many companies that sell new laser also offer training and will include that in the cost of the laser so that you don’t have to worry about that cost as well.

The next thing in which you have to consider when you are buying a new laser is if the company will offer you a discount for being a new customer. Sometimes these discounts can cut the cost of the laser by almost half. But while these things are all wonderful and make the case for buying a new laser it is still not always the best choice unless you will be using it in the office regularly and need the features that the new ones have that the old lasers do not.

If you have a practice that is only doing basic laser work and then traditional cosmetic medicine then you may be throwing away your money with a new laser because if you never need the features you will be better off in the long run with a used laser.

But a used laser does have quite a few disadvantages and hidden costs that are attached to them. A used laser can save you up to eighty percent but you need to watch out for what model it is because if you go back too far you will have an outdated machine that won’t do what you need and won’t do it very well. Having a machine that is too outdated means that patients not only can’t get the treatment they want but they have more scarring and pain attached to that treatment too.

Today medical laser treatments are supposed to save on scarring and pain for the patient and you want to continue that in your own practice. If you do find a good laser that is used for sale make sure that the same company can recertify that laser too. When you buy a used medical laser for sale there are extra costs but it can be worthwhile if you get a good laser from the right company.

Buying a laser is a huge investment and not one that should be taken lightly but it can take the ability in your office to the next level and pay for itself in a few years if not within the first year. Buying a used laser saves upfront money and it helps the laser pay for itself within a very short amount of time. The other thing that the laser does is give you something now while you wait for a great laser to come out and you to get used to having it in your practice before offering a lot of new treatments with it from the start.

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