Gadgets designed to make your life easier do exactly that. Mundane everyday tasks can be much more complicated than they need to be, so having some little extras can give you extra precious time which can be used to do the more important things in life, like putting the kettle on.

If you’re looking for some handy gadgets, or handige gadgets to our Dutch readers, take a look through some of our favourites to help your day run more smoothly.

Bluetooth Tracker

Are you one for constantly losing items which you needed five minutes ago? Keys, pens or even your gym kit can all go missing when you need them most so how handy would it be if you could find them quickly and easily with a little gadget? 

Wired up to the Bluetooth network, a tracker does exactly that and finds the location of wherever you left the item you’ve been searching for for the past hour. Operating in the same way as some of the popular app games, the tracker is completely user friendly and can really make a difference when you need it.

Interactive Toothbrush

Encouraging the family to brush their teeth can be hard work, especially when there is screaming tantrums everyday about doing it. Make it much easier and more fun with an interactive toothbrush.

Working alongside a special app on your phone, the toothbrush has a kind of articificial intelligence (AI) which analyses your brushing to help teach you how to keep a healthier mouth. This smarter lifestyle gadget is a big help for teaching kids to brush their teeth and it’s an interesting addition for adults to learn more about the area without going to the dentist.

Personal Digestive Tracker

A discomfort is never a comfortable situation to be in after you have eaten, so why put up with it? 

Your body can have many complaints throughout the day which are reflective of many different sources, but not all of them need the attention of a medical doctor. Getting to the bottom of digestive problems can now be solve with one small gadget in the comfort of your own home. 

A personal digestive tracker works very much like a breath test when the police are looking in to drink drivers. A breath in to the gadget is all that is needed to give a result that can tell you why you are experiencing discomfort.

Key organiser

Keys can be the beign of your life. They accumulate and are always getting lost. Having them all in one place and in an organised manner would definitely make your everyday life much easier. 

Having a key organiser, or a schlüssel organizer, keeps all your keys in a manner that you will quicky become accustomed to. All the keys will remain in a safe place and you’ll quickly be able to locate the one you need in an instant. Rather than searching for them around the house three times in one day.