As you well know, Instagram is one of the most used Social Networks in recent times. Last year, this platform had close to 300 million active users and, with these figures, the importance of being on this network and its great potential is more than evident. In previous posts we have commented that the act of opening an Instagram profile for your company is an action that must be previously analyzed, taking into account the objectives and the audience we are targeting. These variables and other factors will give the most appropriate option in your Social Media strategy.

If, after analyzing the pros and cons, you start to create an Instagram profile, you will need to know, among other things, how to obtain the statistics of your account. To do this, today we are going to focus our post on share my insights and on everything it can offer to better understand an account and its profitability. It is a tool which is easily accessed with the username and password of an Instagram account. In general terms, this platform allows to know exact data about the activity and engagement of the account.

The initial screen

Whether you have a personal profile and would like to know which content is the most successful out of curiosity, or if you have a business account and need to analyze the impact of your campaigns on Instagram, sharemyinsights is the tool you need. 

What data does Share my insights offer?

Share my insights provides all the data you need to manage an account effectively. In addition, almost all categories are accompanied by graphs that allow to know the exact situation of an account. For example, in the Rolly Month Analysis section you can find out, in a general perspective, the number of published content, the data on engagement (translated into likes and comments), the situation of the followers and the growth of the account in number of followers. Especially useful is a list with the 10 followers that provide you the most engagement.

From the analysis of the contents of the Content section is responsible. In it we can track the average number of publications for months and years: the days that we have published the most content and the hours at which we usually upload our photos. We can also know which filters we use the most and which are the most used tags in our publications.

Regarding engagement,  we can know the growth and evolution in the number of likes and comments that our images have received. In addition, the tool accompanies this information with monthly graphs that facilitate the reading of the data.

This category also shows the photos that have received the most likes and comments. In this way, we will know what content our audience likes the most. This characteristic is basic to make a strategy since we will know what type of visual content produces more interaction. Thus, we will orient the publications to the most effective lines.

Get to know your followers better

In the Community section we have access to data about your audience. Share my insights offers you comparative graphs on the growth of your followers and of the users you follow. You can see how many followers you have increased and how many you have lost.

One of the curiosities that this tool gives you is knowing who generates the interaction in your content: if your own followers or the users that you do not follow. It may be an interesting option to start following the latter.