In February 2019, the U.S. government introduced an American AI initiative for the purpose of stimulating artificial intelligence development. AI is changing society in more than one way. This article is about such impact and the best way to get a business cash advance for your company.

AI Is Changing Society: Get a Business Cash Advance

AI influences society to a significant extent. This refers to both language-based technologies, specifically, speech technology, natural language processing, smart telecommunications, as well as social media. 

Day by day, the social impact of AI-based technologies is becoming more and more apparent. Intelligent conversational agents, including Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), and Alexa (Amazon), already enjoy great popularity. In the upcoming 5 – 10 years, a new generation of Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) will be available with its impact on all aspects of life. 

Quite naturally, the specific linguistic, ethical, psychological, sociological, legal and technical challenges will increasingly be at the center of attention. Today, the scope of AI in science is the largest. Artificial intelligence is being used in hundreds of different industries, including finance, cybersecurity, healthcare, transport, data science, marketing and advertising, legal, and so on. 

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Future of Artificial Intelligence 

According to Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute, amplifying human intelligence with AI could help civilization get better like never before, as long as we keep the technology beneficial.

The majority of researchers think that a super intelligent AI won’t be able to express human emotions. Some expect super intelligent AI will replace the entire human workforce and agree with the notion of a robot uprising.

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have studied ways how we can take precautionary measures to keep future super intelligent machines under our control.

To sum up, algorithm-driven AI goes on developing and spreading all over the world. AI is going to further impact society and all aspects of life.

Author Bio: Michael Hollis is a Detroit native who now lives in Los Angeles. He is an account executive who has helped hundreds of business owners get a business cash advance solution. He’s experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training, scientificating… But his favorite job is the one he’s now doing full time — providing business funding for hard working business owners across the country.

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