Numerous studies reinforce the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing bangkok. The reasons are that it could produce more accurate delivery and packaging of business messages and create a better connection to people. The truth is that new machine learning technologies are contributing enormously to improve almost all areas of our daily lives: science, health, education, entertainment, business and digital marketing. The disruptive leap that we are experiencing from AI is so marked that there are already many who are talking about a “new Industrial Revolution”. The proliferation of these technologies provides a great opportunity to better understand and serve consumers, with an unprecedented level of personalization.

AI is radically transforming marketing, giving brands and retailers the opportunity to connect directly with their customers like never before.

Applied to marketing, this technology is capable of providing a personalized experience, much more satisfying for users. For companies, it is even possible to increase their sales, prestige and followers, as we describe below:

AI Content Writing

An important part of Digital Marketing is the content promotion plan that your brand carries out. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence has come to complement this work, through the writing of written content, automatically. Some news agencies use software capable of creating pieces of information based on data, optimized for SEO, in a consistent way and with sufficient quality for the reader to enjoy.

A perfect balance between technology and human talent is the best way to go, as follows:

Platforms that help monitor the competition: one of the most popular is the startup known as Crayon, which analyzes millions of data from your main competitors. This information is collected throughout the web and includes blogs, social networks and forums.

Smart tools to check grammar and spelling: Modern AI programs designed for this purpose not only check for errors but also provide solutions and suggestions to enrich your content and substantially improve the editing process.

Determine what content can be created with intelligent software: it will generally be the press releases or general information that your readers require daily.

Delegate the most complicated information to your group of editors and publishers, or your content agency: we are talking about those publications that require more extensive points of view, with a unique style that only a talented editor can provide.