Wi-Fi. From assisting us to maintain our phone bill reduced, except March, goddammit, to enabling our tablets/laptops/etc. to connect to the web, Wi-Fi has been a common buddy that we have all come to know as well as enjoy.

Wi-fi is additionally valuable for some IoT applications, wait, what is IoT, such as building, as well as residence automation or internal energy administration. For several other IoT applications, Wi-Fi is definitely useless.

Provided the importance of WiFi to our day-to-day lives and to certain IoT applications, here are eight intriguing aspects of Wi-Fi that you really did not recognize!

Wi-fi Started in Hawaii

Or at least, the early forerunner to Wi-Fi did. ALOHAnet was an introducing computer networking system, created at the College of Hawaii, that provided the initial public demonstration of a wireless packet information network.

That was in 1971. It wasn’t until twenty years later that NCR Firm as well as AT&T Firm created WaveLAN, took into consideration real precursors to Wi-fi. After that, in 1997, the first version of the IEEE 802.11 cordless procedure was released.

However, wait, “what’s the IEEE 802.11 cordless method?”

Wi-Fi = IEEE 802.11

When any two pieces of equipment interact with each other, they need particular criteria as well as procedures defined to enable them to connect. IEEE 802.11 refers to the collection of standards that define interaction, for cordless computer networks, with IEEE standing for Institute of Electrical as well as Electronics Engineers.

As you’ve probably believed on your own, “IEEE 802.11” is:

  • A total mouthful
  • Super boring

So, in 1999, a brand-consulting firm called Interbrand was employed to aid market the technology to customers, offering us “Wi-Fi.”

Wi-Fi Does NOT Stand for “Wireless Integrity”

Contrary to common belief, Wi-Fi doesn’t stand for Wireless Fidelity. This mistaken belief originates from an early marketing slogan that was used, “The Standard for Wireless Fidelity.”

Wi-Fi doesn’t really mean anything

Likewise, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, formed in 1999 as a professional organization to hold the Wi-Fi trademark, the term is formal, “Wi-Fi”. The Wi-Fi Alliance does not accept “Wi-Fi,” “wifi,” “Wifi”, yet I prefer Wi-Fi, so I’m going to maintain utilizing it throughout this write-up.

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